Whole Wheat Pancake

Taking a break from editing my Royal book!

And take a trip to the kitchen to bake pancake for my snacks hehe! I considered this as a tea food since the creamy feel complimented the bitter taste of Green Tea which I regularly indulged.

Yesterday, I bought a pack of Whole Wheat pancake mix because today I will be working whole day for my book so I thought a healthy snack break will help me get through the rigorous hours of book editing and polishing.

After taking breakfast I began preparing the ingredients. One of the best thing I always look forward when baking goodies is the mixing stage because I love the sweet aroma of the mixture and you know I have this weirdness in me, I love to taste the raw mixture of baking ingredients yum!

Whole Wheat pancake mix! Healthy living :-D

I used to witness my two grandmothers baking and cooking native delicacies, they were very expert in inventing recipes and preparing delicacies so I would sit in front of them while they prepared the ingredients. One of my favorites was my grandmother's home-made bread and donut, when she would not look on the kneaded dough, I would sneak a few roll and ate it, I enjoyed this little naughtiness haha!

So now, I am baking my own goodies!

And I want to be healthy so I chose this pack of Whole Wheat pancake mix! Here's how I made my version of this home-made pancake. This mixture is very pure, I did not add water, wheew!

             Pour the Whole Wheat pancake mix to the bowl  then add the remaining ingredients 


1 pack of Whole Wheat pancake mix (180g)
1 piece of Egg
1 cartoon of All-purpose Cream (120g)
4 Teaspoons of Brown Sugar     
Stir and mix the ingredients well until smoothen. Grease the pan with cooking oil and pour the mixture 


1. Pour the pancake mix to the bowl
2. Add the all-purpose cream 
3. Crack eggs and add to the mixture
4. Stir the ingredients until smoothen. Set aside
5. Pre-heat the oven, set the timer to 10 minutes
6. Grease a regular-sized pan with cooking oil to prevent the mixture from sticking
7. Pour the pancake mixture to the pan
8. Bake for 15 minutes
9. Puff! Take it from the oven and let it cool!

Chananan! The finish product sooo yummy!
Whole Wheat Pancake for a hungry tummy :-D

I only prepared this healthy yummy snack goodies for less than one hour. I usually have my tea break in the morning before lunch and this pancake version is a perfect partner for my Green Tea break habit. But I sip Green Tea before I finish baking the pancake haha! Good that I bought one bottle of Vitamilk Energy. I love Vitamilk because it is made from soya which is another healthy option.

 Whole Wheat pancake with Vitamilk Energy and Oatmilk 

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