Wonderful Weekend

Great days in a week!

Living in a densely populated environment with a fast-paced and mentally exhausting lifestyle is somewhat tormenting no wonder it often surprises me when I finish the day with an intact spirit and a cheerful heart. Ending a busy week with an inspiring disposition seems to be the most awesome blessing from God.

Believe me, if there's one thing I always wanted during my day in the workplace to maintain sanity amidst pressing my nose on urgent tasks, it's nothing but  a little talk. It's not that I like idleness or suffering from talk-to-me-or-else syndrome but I simply love talking, it always saves my day from boredom. A little conversation during the most crucial hours of a busy day picks my energy and helps prevent my system from thoroughly submerge to the bottom of annoyance and frustrations.

I prefer it than being constantly check and ask "are you okay?" Oh shockss! It's so irritating it's as if I am totally helpless and dumb. A short conversation is all I need :-P

Few months on and my mind finally settled, though I am seriously contemplating of exploring other career options especially in the field of writing and research, pondering on my potentials and mapping new life plans, I am thankful with what I have right now and felt extremely lucky. I also got a rare chance to work with the best people in the industry. Having a regular conversation with them enriches my professional growth and inspires my spirit to get on with life.

And speaking of  the best people....

...And just like the rest of normal Filipinos, we also posed for a 
photo souvenir after meal :-P
Thank you sir Rocky Turingan for this lunch treat :-D

Thank you Ms Lie Reyes for this handmade rubber bracelet something haha! 
Sorry I forgot the exact name lol! (update: the name is loomband haha!)

I had a good time with some of them, sharing laughter and hilarious conversation over lunch yesterday, Friday, June 6. It was a lunch treat from sir Rocky Turingan.

Sir Rocky and Ms Lie Reyes, are some of the managers I know who defy the concept of arduous executives in the corporate world. They are exceptionally kind and down-to-earth, who assume the role of a leader more than a manager, who never let anyone feel there's a gap of ranks, so amazing!

I remember  back in my Masteral days, we studied Leadership for Managers and Entrepreneurs that in order for someone to function effectively as a manager, he/she should first internalize the concept of a leader. A leader and a manager are two different worlds and it's so rare to find it both in a person. It takes wisdom and ability, commitment and compassion. Leadership is influencing and not managing, it's more on instructing and not by ordering. You will never let people feel they are constricted with the tasks given but you must let them feel there's a room for mistakes and improvement. Meeting sir Rocky, Ms.Lie and sir BJ, I understood it clearly.

Let's admit it, more than half of the world's population have this unbending belief that executives in highly reputable global companies are impossibly arrogant and painfully haughty who often made the lives of the subordinates emotionally agonizing but with the managers and associate managers I encountered in our project it's totally different. They are incredibly kind and nice and extraordinarily pleasant and generous, so lucky to meet them in my lifetime journey :-P

Okay, so last Friday, yeah it was terrific! Great, care-free conversation full of laughter and taunting over a sumptuous lunch at Dencios, a very relaxing moment and we got back to work with a loaded tummy hehe! Thank you sir Rocky and to the rest of the wonderful people: Ms Lie, Tori Donor, sir BJ Gorospe, Joyce Purisima, Ysa Leones and Joanne Lopez. Hope to spend another lunch date with you!

To sum it up---I had an oh-so-inspiring, incredible Friday!

You know, even how stressful your day is and how severely frustrating your routine, if you're with the best people and if you've this simple, quick but beautiful conversation with someone you feel  very comfortable with, it saves your day from disintegrating and will easily turn the sordid hours of irritation to gorgeous moments. Ayeee!

A short episode of a jesting chat always brings delight and I am glad I often get it from some people in the workplace. I owe it a lot to them and I am very grateful with their patience and attention.

Okay, so here's the cliche...I love someone who has a tremendous sense of humor and who talks leisurely with hilarity. My mood easily sets in and easiness starts to build...around afternoon had another quick talk...and it was nice ^_____^

I went downstairs at 7:35 in the evening and spent another hour at Venice Piazza. I went back to the lobby of the workplace at 8:45 (and a little miracle happened lol!!) in time for the departure of the company's shuttle back to Mandaluyong.

I finished the day with so much inspiration and happiness and contentment, felt like my heart was bursting with joy and delight and all those blissful thrills. I went home with a HUGE SMILE, BIG GRIN and my heart seemed dribbling again. Awww!


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