Happy Father's Day!!

"It's only when you grow up, and step back from him, or leave him for your own career and your own home, it's only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it"   - Margaret Truman


As time rolled into a high technology era, the general notion of celebrating special occasions in a year like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and Father’s day, has gradually become a hype of business establishments generating more profits on cards, flowers, foods, gift packages.

But despite this inimical impression of the modern world towards these celebrations, still we considered it as highly significant and almost sacred honoring our love ones with gratitude, love, and surprises. These celebrations allow us to recognize the remarkable role our love ones played in our existence.

Father's Day for instance.

The world will celebrate Father’s day tomorrow, June 15, and despite the hype of too much commercialization of this special occasion, still I believe it should be observed meaningfully, after all, it is a special day set aside in a year aims to pay tribute to our dear Papa.

Whether it is through bonding outdoor or sharing a warm conversation over food, spending this special day with our father would surely bring an extra mile of pleasure to their normal days. 

Generally, parents are easily touch even with a small gesture of attention and kindness from their children. Usually, they never ask for anything but when it is given wholeheartedly, a different surge of unmistakable delight engulf their system. 

Remembering beautiful childhood memories can be so poignant, it temporarily transports us back to our younger days when life was still uncomplicated, when the only things that matter in the world were food and toys and when we're bullied in school and father rushed to the scene to comfort us. Memories are great reminders that somewhere in our past, there's one great man who showed unconditional love and protection to us.

Though fathers in every part of the world come in different packages and personality, it all boils down to one thing --- the precious and sacrificing love they exemplify. They are always there when life becomes unfair and most of the time, they are our strong defenders.

Everyone has a unique story how the influence of their father molded their views in life and how this influence became a big part of the culture they developed within themselves. 

I've my own story too.

I’d known my father as a strict and very traditional disciplinarian while growing up. He had so many house rules and every mistake had a corresponding corporal punishment. He made sure we got the message by intensifying every rule with his booming voice. One way or another, his personality terrified me that I remember being very cautious even in washing plates afraid a slight error might offend him.

I thoroughly developed a certain form of principle, mindset as others may call it, to be cautious all the time, this became my mantra in later years and has been my guide not to rush anything in life to avoid committing a terrible mistake that might offend my father. During those years I truly believed that the main responsibility of each child is to obey and please their parents religiously.

But despite my father's stern disciplinary measures, I did not feel constricted with his rules. I did not grow up harboring bad feelings against my father. In fact I felt the opposite, I grew up admiring my father, I had an enormous respect towards him and very proud of him. What made his discipline very effective was the fact that he always had a corresponding explanation why we should follow the rules and why we were punished. Clear and detailed explanation.

Not once I ever thought of revolting against my father's wishes and except for education (he wanted me to take up Journalism in college and Law afterwards), I did not defy his other rules: never take boyfriends while still in school, never go with people who have unconventional lifestyle, no to night life and never entertain the idea of working abroad (his face would turn red every time he would hear us talking about going abroad).

They say, if an eldest child is a daughter, this little girl often leaves a special mark in her father's heart. A close bond develops, not because she is his first born child but because a father's instinct tells him that no harm must dwell in this girl's life, it's a genuine manly protection and we, ladies, experience it first hand from our fathers.

My father had lavished me with so much attention when I was growing up and had been my greatest supporter. When naughtiness of my playmates reduced me to tears, I was excited to rush home knowing I have a father who would wrap me in his arms and provide comfort. And life would be bright again. While my mother was so impatient with my stubbornness my father was not. 

But despite my father's maximum tolerance on me, I did not grow up a spoiled brat instead his protection had helped me realized that children should never disappoint their father at all cost. Oh I missed those times when my father would ask me what I wanted and how the meal would be cooked! Those were the best years of my life.

My father's affection was so great that I grew up thinking how I could make him more proud of me. How to make him happier with my chosen path. Every time I make a decision, I always think about my father and always put into consideration his pride and emotion.

Though fathers have different views how their children should be disciplined and how their house rules should be implemented, only one thing summarizes their intention, to raise their children sensibly and lovingly. As for my father, there's one thing I learned from him that made him an effective disciplinarian: the way he communicated his rules. Clear. Precise. Straight to the point. 

When a kid developed a certain form of culture during the formative years, it's impossible to remove this culture out of that child's personality. And it proved really true in my life. I am not easily swayed with the influence of the harsh environment and the people I interact everyday. It's always the discipline I learned from my father and the environment I grew up with that dominated my life.

For all the best years of my life and for being a good father, I thank you Papa for molding me into who I am today. Thank you for the influence. I am very grateful with your love, protection and support.
So how about you readers, how's your life with your Papa? How would you describe him? His influence and best traits?

If in case you'd a bad experience, not-so-nice episode with your father and you grow distant and cold towards him, maybe it's time to ponder on the significant role he portrayed in your life. 
Sometimes it is unavoidable to have occasional disagreements and arguments with fathers, children became disobedient, rebellious and ungrateful at times and wished they have a different Dad. 

How many stories have been told about a son that killed his father, a daughter that abandoned her father? Plenty and massive, and hearing these upsetting news made us to wonder if the world had really gone mad. But towards the end of the day, no matter how bad your relationship with your father, one truth remains unchanged, that there's only one Dad that could never be replaced.

So don’t ever think that your father had screwed up your life. He may have committed a grave mistake and did not live up to your expectations, remember, just like the rest of human beings, a father is not perfect. It's time to let go of those grudges. The old man deserved to be rewarded with gratitude, affection and respect. 

For this happy occasion honoring all fathers in the world,  let us pay tribute to the first man in our lives, whose attention and love made us to become more confident in life.

For first time fathers whose small kids still don't understand the meaning of the celebration, just relish the gift of fatherhood, nurture your young kids lovingly, someday when they become of age, they will appreciate your unconditional love and understand why they have to be disciplined and protected. 

To all fathers in the world, cheers!!! Happy Father's Day, Be Blessed!!

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