Splitting Moment

In a splitting moment, life transforms. A thrill of wonder dances, bubbles of emotions burst in the air and suddenly you found yourself bathing with so much inspiration and you may just want to forget the reality. But truth persists and pain is pesky. Eventually, magic dies. 

There's nothing more agonizing in this world than watching yourself undergo a silent pain of wanting something you could never have, the hurt is pricking on skin like needle and you just want to hide it w/laughter and thoroughly accept the fact that something precious is no longer possible.

Oh, I am here again traversing the road of illusion, pretending time and circumstances would conspire to make things happen. But deep inside I am aware it could never be realized for everything is too late to draw the fate together. 

It's almost 1:00 in the morning and I have a hard time drowsing to sleep. What is it again? Am I deeply bothered? Or thinking something hazy? My mind seems in a limbo, obscure pictures of undefined future continue to haunt my day. 

Oh that elusive perfect moment, you know that strange and rare feelings where you could see beautiful rainbows every minute of the day and you could feel the thudding of your heartbeat faster than the swinging of pendulum, it comes only but once, but why when it comes things are no longer possible? 

Sometimes I would just want to ignore the rules of life. You know, when you are in a certain stage where every second counts as you could no longer afford to undergo so many delays, logic seems a funny thing. You just want to follow emotions no matter where it leads you because you believe you might not experience that perfect moment again. But society is harsh and people are judgemental. Everyone expects you to adhere to the rules of life where mistake is not tolerated.

It's 1:30 AM and the calm atmosphere of the early dawn soothes my mind, allowing my energy to slow down and touch my spirit and reminisce my day. It's not that bad I know. In fact, it's really a sweet, inspiring and wonderful day. 

Turn of events gave me so much opportunity to think what I should really want in life. It's good to see things at once. As if I was given options and should choose one before the end of the day. Then voices in my mind growled and stubbornly insisted to pick the complicated choice. 

Oh! The vagueness of life. 

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