Emotional Vampires

Beware of these vultures. They are mentally exhausting and will deplete your physical energy.

Though it is often difficult to determine who is an emotional vampire or who is just having a bad day, the clear parameter of this type can be easily detected.

Emotional vampires refer to people who drain your strength, confidence and mental state while individuals who are just having a bad day are, well, simply annoying.

Emotional vampires suck every ounce of your energy and optimism in life and they are severely distressing you might even wish you never meet them at all. 

They are everywhere. What made the whole thing extremely agonizing is that these emotional vampires often do power tripping, assuming roles straight to their heads that they are superior, they will give orders rather than instruction and will tend to squeeze your physical strength, tearing the last strand of your patience. They are ruthless and hostile.

Why they seem to take roles too seriously even to the point of making one's life intolerable? It is because they have big issues on self esteem. Emotional vampires are severely insecure people, confused and they don't really know who they are so they stay behind dark alleys in life by portraying a role of being superior to boost their sinking ego.

They are people who have unresolved issues in the past. Who seemed could not let go with the suffering they experienced so they constantly think about revenge about letting others they are powerful and superior, they crave for power and adulation. Emotional vampires are not forgiving people, they often think the world is unfair, so they do the same thing to the people in their circle. They never see goodness in the environment.

So how to detect emotional vampires in your circle? According to Dr. Judith Orloff, author of Emotional Freedom, these energy suckers can be easily detected through these types:

The Narcissists

A narcissist is a kind of person who assumes the grandiose of self-importance, "me first" is their motto and they always wanted everybody to prioritize them. They crave for power, admiration and attention. They tend to give you orders and not instruction as if they own you and if you don't do things according to their will, they become punishing and cold. These vampires will grate  your patience up to the last drop with their too assuming superior self. They are hungry for attention and admiration.

The Controllers

These emotional vampires are obsessively controlling, manipulative and will tend to dictate you how you should suppose to work, to live, to act, to move. They will invalidate your feelings if you won't fit to their life rules. They are intensely dominating, rude and narrow-minded.

The Drama Queens

They have a flair of exaggerating even the smallest details of life. They demand your time when they have problems which seem they have all the time. When things get tough, they seem to feel so easily down and will make everything to redirect your attention to them. They seem to complicate even a very simple thing. They feel the world is treating them unfair. They demand your time and brood on things so easily as if circumstances regularly showered them with problems and concerns in life. They are haters who never easily forgive and who never appreciate optimism.

There you go...the emotional vampires who often make our lives intensely punishing.

Have you meet one of them? In my life, yes, I often encountered these emotionally draining people. But because I have no issue with my self esteem and I am already emotionally secure I often made ways to let the rudeness pass and make the best of the situation by focusing on wonderful and positive aspects in life. I also try to avoid them at all cost.

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