Yummy dessert folks!!!

Very thankful to Jerome and Anelyn for treating us to Razon's, a fine food chain along McKinley Hill in Taguig, I was able to try this delectable, oh-so-delicious halo-halo. An ultra different variety of halo-halo: finely crashed ice that looked like almost white sugar granules, very smooth!

I must admit, I am not an avid fan of this refreshment because I hate the annoying coarse ice pieces stuffed along with the ingredients, not to mention the different kinds of beans I find very messy in my tongue, but the one at Razon's McKinley was totally different, quite an impression!

I love the taste not too sweet nor creamy, just right with no exaggerated ingredients. This halo-halo has no blob of ice cream only leche flan but you've got to love it because of its distinct taste and appearance. For more info, read my review here