Razon's scrumptious halo-halo and sizzling bulalo

I am not choosy when it comes to food. It’s one of my stress relievers in life, Food provides me comfort and thrill. Back in Davao, My good friend, Kathy Dacanay, and I used to go cafe hopping. We've visited quite a number of cafe houses in Davao City,  Chicco de Caffe, Cafe France, Cafe Demitasse, Annie Pie, Kangaroo to name a few, and the night before I left for Manila, Kathy and I once again spent few hours at Chicco.

My favorites include Carbonara,  Blueberry Cheesecake and Brazo de mercedes, Japanese food is another special craving, Maki for instance :-) The best California Maki I tried was at Sangkai Restaurant, an authentic Japanese resto in front of Central Bank in Davao.

But when I left Davao and relocated in Metro Manila, this weekly food adventure halted, I've not yet visited a cafe house here so my craving for pasta and all sorts of yummy desserts was put on hold, not sure also where to go, I am not yet familiar with the place.

Until one day, Jerome Abendan brought us to Razon's, a fine food chain along McKinley Hill in Taguig offering delectable dishes including yummy desserts. He told us about the scrumptious halo-halo that is so utterly different from other varieties, so I was thrilled to try this refreshment. According to him, there are lots of branches of Razon's in the metropolis but the one that offers the best halo-halo is the outlet along McKinley Hill.

Ultra delectable Halo-halo at Razon's!
Razon's along McKinley Hill, Taguig City

True enough, when we had lunch there and had halo-halo as our dessert I felt the hype of the taste perfectly authentic! So yummy and smooth, very gratifying, I did not feel any roughness effect on my tongue, you know the usual stuff in halo-halo with annoying coarse ice granules. At Razon's that was so different, the sweetener was just right too and there were no excessive beans mixed in the ingredients.

Razons is a quiet place to hang out with friends, very relaxing with a cool atmosphere, perfect to enjoy the food and the refreshment! Jerome introduced us to another unique cuisine: Sizzling Bulalo. My God totally appetizing!!Something that should never missed out!I was used to the idea of bulalo in stew but at Razon's it was completely different, an extraordinary lip-smacking recipe.

 Luscious lunch treats from Anelyn and Jerome, thank you guys!
Sizzling bulalo, sisig and boneless bangus, soooooo delightful!
Halo-halo at Razon's along McKinley Hill utterly refreshing with a finely crashed ice that almost feel like powdery granules in your tongue, no extra effort of pounding to make, a little stir is enough. This halo-halo however has no blob of ice cream topping only Leche flan. Don't miss this out when you come to Taguig. Other food offerings are equally delightful, love to go back there some other time! 

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