Here I go again!!

Haaay!!Here I go again....feeling something I won't suppose to feel, Heyyyy what's that!!!You never learn your lesson girl, but kidding aside, why is it that sometimes we become sooooooo emotionally pathetic and naive and silly and God-knows-what-else? And to some degree we tend to forget the complications that might follow.

One of my weaknesses in life is that, I am toooo easily smitten, gosh! I bet nobody knows that, but yeahhh I am really like that, very transparent, very delicate, but one good thing is that I know where to draw a line, I know when to put a red flag sign to stay away from "troubles". I am already emotionally secure and mature so I know how to handle things fairly. 

It's too ridiculous to entertain such idea, my God!I don't want to land in a hot water of gossip, I just want to dismiss it as nothing but another story of fascination, I know it will just die a natural death.

So I am keeping myself busy now, forget about the little thudding deep inside, discard it as a hopeless longing for something I could never get. It's too outrageous to entertain such thoughts. What's happening with me? Why suddenly I become so frivolous??

I am already traumatized with assuming things wrongly, gone through with it and I don't want to pass on that difficult road again. One painful journey is enough.

I am ready to take risks, of course, but I'll make it sure, it is for good and no one's gonna hurt, no one's left wondering what comes to my senses for deciding such thing and as long as I won't be stepping into someone's shoes.

Enjoying dinner with Anelyn and my sister at Mr. Choi Kitchen resto
 at Robinsons Faura, finally got my earnest wish to chill out with a glass of Carrot Shake!!
I looooove Carrot Shake, so yummy!!!

Last night I went out with Anelyn and my sister, originally, I wanted to pay at GCash for my application of NBI Clearance online but I was not able to bring a valid ID so we ended up just going around the area then doing some grocery errands. We spent dinner at Mr. Choi Kitchen Restaurant, enjoying the food while poking each other as usual hehe!Yeah it was great, the food was good and I loved the Carrot Shake we ordered. I always love Vegetable shake it's very refreshing and soothing.

When we got back home my mind flung elsewhere again haaaay!Please give me a break, what's with those longing for someone?Wahhhhh! Then I heard something from the neighbor's component...

BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES is really my favourite song ever since I was in college. Now, each time I hear that song, it made me go back to the days of longing and dreaming and wishing someone would sing it for me before I go to sleep, ekkkkkkk! I am easily attracted to guys with amazing voice who could really sing and a little bit sporty with lurking eyes haha! Oh c'mon girl dream on!!!

Anyway, it's raining outside and the cold weather seemed pushing me to hide beneath the blanket, maybe I am deprived with enough sleep that's why my thoughts became so wild and nasty hahaha!Gotta sleep now...

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