Storm in a Tea Cup

I always begin my day with a cup of green tea or lemon juice, it makes my spirit float, it calms my mind. The soft morning air that often greets me in the street on my way to the office assures me that life in this present state is so fascinating and alluring..peaceful...relaxing and carefree.

But lately, my morning no longer reflects the same degree of serenity. Somewhere beyond this quiet existence, lays a deep longing for a different life, a more meaningful one. Everytime I wake up and grab my towel, I felt this disconcerting pattern of confusion and worries and concerns rambling inside my system. I often take a deep, laboured a hard breath and wonder what I am missing, what's on the other side of the fence?

Suddenly, this comfortable, peaceful environment that I am embracing for such a long time is no longer a peaceful haven. Suddenly I am craving for some spice in my life, a good balance of challenges and triumph, risks and courage, success and lessons to be learned, something that would help unveil my potentials, enhance my professional growth and see the intimidating life in the (real) corporate world.

After I graduated from MBA last April I undergone this very serious contemplation about myself, about where I am heading, about the things I am capable of doing. What life awaits me beyond this calm, quiet and peaceful surrounding? For so long, I allowed myself to be stuck in one corner, bypassing opportunities and real life's vitality. Now, I want to catch the available ride before missing it again. For once, I want to see the rainbow of life in the real world.

It's now or never.

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