Graduation Day at Ateneo de Davao

Another great milestone!


December 2009

After encountering an agonizing episode of humiliation, I began looking at my life  seriously.

Why I allowed myself to be hurt and why I hopelessly clung to that rope of hope when everything was just a shadow of my illusion? So I decided to  create another plan for my journey. At that moment, I realized I don't need anyone to "uplift" my spirit, I don't need any anchor to make my life complete and happy, I must do it  alone. That's when I decided to go back to school to get what I wanted in life.

March 2010

I decided not to quit my job in the university until I obtain a masteral degree. It's too complicated to start a new job in another company while pursuing graduate studies.

June 2010

I spent hours in a day contemplating where to enrol for MBA, so I asked several people for some enlightenment. One of them advised me to think hard about myself and the future and my purpose of going back to school. If my purpose is just to get a degree, then choose UIC but if I plan to join  the corporate world and boost my career choose Ateneo. Since I am already thinking of venturing into another field/join industry, I decided to enrol at Ateneo. I took the qualifying exam on the 10th of June and got the result five days later. On the following day, I found myself officially enrolled in Ateneo graduate school!

For the next two years, I enjoyed my life there, doing assignments, integration papers, projects and meeting new friends. It was a fascinating experience. I learned so many things in life, I gained additional knowledge towards management, business, investment and leadership. I was able to develop my interpersonal relationships and my faltering self-confidence. It was a remarkable life indeed!

March 2013

I took our comprehensive examinations. It was a gruelling exam! I literally suffered!I endured several sleepless nights, pounds of worries and concerns just to get a passing grade on each subject. Luckily, I managed to pass hehe!

April 2013

I and my classmates went to Ateneo on the 8th day and filed our application for graduation, oh Jesus I was shocked with the amount we paid for our graduation alone Php3,472.00! Excluding the toga rent that costs Php550 arggggghh!!What's with those skyrocketing expenses??

On the 24th we had a practice in the morning and pictorial session with our professors in the afternoon. There was a heavy downpour so our pictorial was transferred to the lobby.

at the Gazebo area after the graduation ceremony.
While resting for a while, I asked my mother to take me a shot hehehe
With good friends, Lucy, Janice and Karen at the 7th floor lobby
with classmates. Freah, Christian, Janice, Lucy and Karen
With Lucy. Got a shocking surprise in my life when Lucy appeared and noticed 
we wore the same white dress!hahaha!

Graduation day was on the 25th. It started with a mass at 8:00 in the morning followed by the commencement exercise at 9:30. There was a different surge of emotions swarming inside my system. I felt a part of me was lifted from torment because finally I could embark into a new career and move into a new place. It was truly liberating.

With my mother
April 27

And because we had almost no nice shots (you know the good angle, nice background, proper positions) at the graduation ceremony, we decided to have a studio shot at CHIAW studio just within the City Triangle fronting Ateneo at 1:00 pm.

Studio shot with Janice, Dory and Gerlie

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