Seeing Old Friends

Got to see Helen and Pinky last Monday, it's been a long time since our last meeting so I was very excited to be with them once again. It felt great!You know the feeling when you're able to see good old friends and had this really nice, comfortable conversation over food, relaxing, laughing and giggling, talking with what happened in the past, it's really relieving and liberating!

Some of my closest colleagues back then, Helen and Pinky. Photo by Kathy Dacanay

Had a good time one cozy evening at Sushi Dito. Photo by Kathy Dacanay

Pinky and Helen are my former colleagues in the university, but unlike Helen whom I have a constant communication and whom I regularly meet when she takes a vacation from UAE, Pinky is some sort of a missing buddy hehe! I did not see her in over six years, so last Monday was a huge bonding, catching up with the lost time.

Pinky is one of my closest colleagues in the late 1990s and early 2000s, we would go out frequently with other close friends in the university like Arlene Cardenas, Rose Alegada, Prezy Dela Torre, Judy Merecido anywhere that would catch our fantasy at the moment, in a restaurant, in a movie house, we always had a good laugh and we could agree to almost everything, there was no animosity, no hostility, no loathing. We had a wonderful working relationship back then, we're just so close! When they left and new people came in, things became different and things were never been the same again.

So when I meet Pinky and Helen again last Monday, it was like revisiting the old world, the nice and pleasant working environment I had once, the homely and cozy place I always cherished. It was so relieving, we talked so many things, issues in our lives in the past that did not matter in the present then broke with laughter just like the old days.
with the very generous Helen Montero who brought me so many pasalubong hehe!

After resting a while at the UIC ground, we went to Sushi Dito, where another former colleague, Kathy Dacanay, waited for us. I was craving badly for Maki so I suggested we would spend our dinner at Sushi. Then Pinky generously offered her time, driving us to La Verna to visit Juvy Panos-Platon who had just given birth to a healthy baby boy. There, we met Anaflor and her husband and extended a little time to have a chat with everyone there.
One of my fave makis -- Kani cheese
California Maki, Chicken Teriyaki and veges
With Juvy and Helen

When we parted ways it was around 11:15 in the evening!Waaaah, and because we had this old school rule in our boarding house--setting a curfew at 10:00 in the evening--I had to inform my land lady that I'll be coming late. Pinky drove us and dropped us at our individual location---Kathy at Quirino, me at my boarding house and Helen at Ecoland terminal.

After spending dinner at Sushi Dito, we visited Juvy Panos-Platon at La Verna who had just given birth to a baby boy, there, we met another colleague, Anaflor and her husband, Allan Sacopayo. Photo by Kathy Dacanay

It was a wonderful night indeed, so happy to be able to spend precious time with them before going elsewhere and start anew. I'll be missing them though but I am looking forward for another relaxing reunion in the future.

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