Collagen Mask Facial Treatment

Last Monday evening I had a horrible facial problem. Some tiny red dots suddenly sprouted in my face for reasons I could not understand. 

I've no clue where it came from since I've no allergies on foods, as a matter of fact I can gorge anything I want without worries, and for the past 48 hours I didn't eat anything strange other than the Chicken meal we ordered from KFC during the post wedding photo shoot of Juvy and Roy at the Ritz hotel, Garden Oases. 

But Jesus!I've been eating KFC chicken for the past 10 years why suddenly I would develop allergies? Or maybe my skin reacted to the fresh milk and mashed banana with honey that I put on my skin, but I've been doing this natural facial scrub for the past decades.

Unable to figure out why all of a sudden my face developed a very strange allergy, I thought of visiting a facial center on weekend to scrape out the dried red spots on my face.

So after spending lunch at the UIC Bajada gymnasium (where the university is celebrating the installation and investiture of the new president), I went to G.Mall immediately without changing clothes and had a facial treatment at Wally Facial Center.

I chose the Collagen Mask treatment because it relaxes  and renew tired and dull skin, even out skin tone and tightens pores. It is also an anti-aging treatment because the mixture has antioxidants elements, so I settled on this.

I loved the gentle application, the facial toner used was honey while the facial wash applied was a therapeutic tea. So relaxing!

And for three hours, my mind was at peace, listening to the soothing music  while my face undergo a soothing treatment and massage. I was able to relax and had a short nap while the Collagen Mask had put on.

The service was good I should say. I loved the way my skin was pampered, toned and firmed, a skin firming laser and a skin tightening galvanic toning gadgets were applied. 

There was a free facial and shoulder massage that accompanied the treatment so the whole thing was a bit gratifying.

Soothing Collagen Facial Mask
Taking a short nap while the mask hardened
Due to some red patches around my face brought by allergies, I immediately head on to Wally Facial Center still wearing my office uniform and undergone a collagen facial mask treatment. Nice feeling afterwards, my face seemed invigorated and tightened.

The steps of the treatment:
  • Facial cleansing using a healing tea facial wash.
  • Facial toning applying a honey toner.
  • Steamed deep cleansing while dead skin cells, white and blackheads were gently removed using a facial equipment.
  • Application of Collagen Mask which will be stayed for about 30 minutes or until it hardens.
  • Dark spot eliminating cream application
  • Moisturising and Whitening cream application
  • Skin Firming Laser
  • Skin Tightening Galvanic Toning
  • Relaxing Facial and Shoulder Massage
I paid P1,000.00 for this treatment but I've no regrets because the collagen mask, the massage and the process itself were fantastically great!I felt my skin was thoroughly renewed and invigorated.

Wally Facial Center has two branches in Davao City: Victoria Plaza and Gaisano Mall. The facial treatment only cost P300.00 but if you want to undergo a Collagen Mask treatment then the rate would go up to P1,000.00 including facial massage.


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