Last Week of September

It feels like only yesterday, cramming with my case presentation of MGM Mirage (MGM Resorts International) for my Strategic Management subject ^_____^

Now September is about to end!

Why time flew so fast?Seems like the earth has doubled its rotation that the ticking of the clock is as fast as the blinking of the eyes!

September 22, Saturday, after attending our class in Business Research, I and my two classmates went to G.Mall to spend lunch at Dimsum. We'd agreed on September 17 (while dining at Mandarin SM shortly after asking copies from the Securities and Exchange Commission office of the financial statements of the companies we will be working on for our Strategic Management paper) that we would visit Dimsum sometime this month to find out if the food is as good as at Mandarin hehe!

Sorry no close up shots for us at Dimsum because my classmates are camera shy hehe
At Dimsum, we ordered Beef Brisquet and Chop suey
...and Melon Shake

September 23, Sunday, we'd a post-wedding photo shoot for Roy and Juvy at the Ritz Hotel of Garden Oases, we're supposed to take some shots at the garden and swimming pool areas but towards 3:00 pm the weather turned awful and did not cooperate, the rain shower ruined our plans, so we stayed at the hotel room and did the photo shoot there. We ordered food at KFC for our dinner at 7:00 pm then went home at 10:00 in the evening. Still waiting for Kathy to share our photos ^_____^

September 24, Monday, was a smooth one, but towards the end of the day, I was slightly irritated with my red uniform, it was a torture wearing this fabric, the size around my bodice seems shrinking and to wear this for another day or another week is a total punishment on my part so maybe I should stop wearing this.

September 25, Tuesday,  is a bit hell. Some tiny red spots sprouted around my face!it's a bit itchy and felt like my face tightened with rashes! 

September 26, Wednesday, I went to the clinic and the nurse gave me an anti-itchy tablet, then I went home with a tired body and mind agonizing over with my ugly face thinking hard what had I eaten the past days why I suffered such terrible skin itchiness.

September 27, Thursday, after a heavy application of an exfoliating cream from Beauche the other night, the itchiness subsided but the horrible scars remained! 

September 28, Friday, we've no work today, I joined colleagues at the UIC Bajada Campus for the installation of Sister Marissa Viri, the university's fifth president. Still annoyed with my face because of the reddish spots so I put on substantial amount of BB cream to cover the ugly blemishes and my face appeared like a heavy pancake hehe.
Picture taking after the mass ^_____^

Sister Ma.Marissa Viri, RVM taking her oath as UIC's fifth president with Atty. Sabino Padilla, the legal counsel of the University

Still wearing my office uniform when I undergo a Collagen Mask Facial Treatment at Wally Facial Center!
After lunch, I went to Gaisano Mall to undergo a Collagen Mask Facial Treatment at Wally Facial Center because I cannot stand another day with ugliness hehehe!So frustrated with blemishes, blackheads and red dots around my face. The facial treatment was good and I loved the way the process applied.


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