Fine Weekend

On September 28, 2012, the UIC community gathered together at the Bajada campus to celebrate one important occasion, another milestone in the history of the university, the installation and investiture of the fifth president, S.Ma. Marissa Viri, RVM. 

With pretty colleagues ^____^ (from right) Precy, Cherrie and Juvy at the UIC Bajada auditorium. 
At the registration area before the start of the mass. With Neil John, Rachelle and Rochelle.

There was a thanksgiving mass at 9:00 in the morning celebrated by Most Reverend Romulo Valles, D.D, the Archbishop of Davao, followed by the installation rites. We then proceeded to the gym for the fraternal banquet and entertainment. 

The foods were great catered by Chippins but the area was terribly hot, so bad that I did not join colleagues anymore at the picture taking just outside the gym courtesy of the Immaculatus. The discomfort I felt towards the irritating blemishes on my face made the whole thing unbearable that I decided immediately to look for a facial center ^___^

After lunch, I went to G.Mall to have a facial treatment at Wally to relax my face from stress and dullness. I chose the collagen mask facial treatment because it is soothing and composed of antioxidant elements that tightened pores and scraped out dead skin cells, it has an anti-ageing remedy too.

Collagen Mask Facial Treatment at Wally Facial Center 
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A free facial and shoulder massage accompanied this treatment package. The massage was fabulous and very relaxing. The treatment costs me P1,000.00, considering that collagen mask is really good for the skin because of its anti-aging benefits, the cost is really enough and no regrets.

I went home with a peaceful mind and very comfortable feelings. 

Last September 29, Saturday, I attended a public lecture of a DPA candidate at Ateneo. Our class was invited by Dr. Marvin Cruz, the assistant dean of the graduate programs of SBG-Ateneo, last week to attend this lecture. I went there scrambling where to sit since most of the members of the audience are doctoral students. I saw my former professors and recalled how much I suffered in their classes the past semesters hahaha!Now I am about to finish my masteral and looking back at the difficult road I travelled in the graduate school provided me with a different sense of achievement.

As I listened to the presentation, my mind flung somewhere because the topic was very "heavy" hehe!It was a public seminar on the dissertation proposal of Dr. Anthony Penaso  entitled Quantum Leadership and Organizational Dimensions of Local Government: A Causal Model.

Dr. Penaso is currently the VP for Academics of Musuan State University in Bukidnon and had already four doctoral degrees tucked under his belt whiche obtained respectively from the University of Louisiana in the USA, Mindanao State University and USEP, Davao.

He opened the seminar with a presentation of the two approaches of leadership: the Newton and Quantum approaches then discussed the theories on both. Nosebleed! After an hour, well because all the attendees are doctoral students and professors and I've no close friends, I went home hehe!

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