Prince Philip's Health Scares

HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is the last true-blooded European Prince to marry into the British royal family. He is a grandson of King George I of Greece, a great grandson of King Christian IX of Denmark,  great great grandson of Queen Victoria of England and Emperor Nicholas I of Russia. Before his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II in 1947, he was sixth in line of succession to the Greek throne.
The last true-blooded European Princess to marry into the British royal family was HRH Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, first cousin of Prince Philip, who married Queen Elizabeth II's paternal uncle, Prince George, the Duke of Kent.

Since December 2011, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, who turned 91 last June 10, 2012, has been in and out of the hospital, though not oftentimes, but his unstable health conditions continue to alarm the palace and the public that adored him. He is one of MY FAVOURITE MEN in the world.

Last December 2011, he wasn't able to spend Christmas with his family when he was rushed to the hospital due to a chest pain, he joined the royal family later on New Year's day church service and surprised the spectators when he chose to walk unaided from their Sandringham home to the church.

In June 2012 before his birthday and after attending the Royal flotilla, he was brought to the hospital again for bladder infection. The palace released a statement that the Prince was fine and his confinement was just a precautionary measure. Days later he was released and joined the Queen on her public appearances in connection to her jubilee celebration. He was at the Queen's side during the Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace.

Last Friday, during the royal family's public engagement tour to Scotland, Prince Philip was hospitalized again due to the recurrence of a bladder infection, again the palace issued a statement that it was just a precautionary measures and that the Duke is fine and responding well to the medication.

I don't want to think any horrifying event but considering the age of Prince Philip, the notion of losing him earlier than expected is just so terrible. He is the last true-blooded European royal to marry into the British royal family and said to be the strength behind the Queen's reign. His devotion to his role as a Prince consort is fantastic and his effort to make the British monarchy appears dignified in public is endearing.

I hate the choice of a spouse of the senior members of the British royal family (Camilla and Kate for example), so common and below the standard of royalty. Thus, I often wish that Prince Philip, who is royal by birth, would continue to show good health and overcome illness and duplicate his mother-in-law's lifespan (Queen Elizabeth, the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, died at the age of 101 in 2002). I hate watching Camilla and Kate took over the centerstage as consorts, so tacky and cheap. They are not worthy of public praises and admiration.

May the Duke of Edinburgh will live longer and May God continue to protect him and shower excellent health!


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