Juvy's Wedding

On the night of August 20, I and Juvy went to North Zen Hotel to meet our friend and former colleague, Joice Lagat, who is permanently residing in Cagayan de oro city and just came to Davao to attend the wedding.
Last night of Juvy's single life

That night, Juvy will supposed to stay with us in the hotel, we took some pictures to mark her last night as a single lady, but around 10:30 PM she left the hotel to conform with her mother who was frantically texting her to come home. I left there to spend the night and just went home on the following morning.

At 2:00 PM on August 21, I and Kathy were supposed to take snaps on Juvy’s wedding preparation at the North Palm Hotel but we overestimated the time and we went to the hotel super late, what we found was just an apologizing security guard who told us the bride had just left earlier, oohhch! Good that Kathy’s older sister was so kind and supportive, and conveniently dropped us to Sta. Ana church.

Kathy was clearly disappointed because she failed to capture the pre-wedding moment of Juvy but she made up the lost moment and took a beautiful, very elegant and classic shoot of Juvy inside the car, a snap that might went on to history as one of the best and classic masterpieces of a seasoned wedding photographer (see picture below).
The blushing bride

Since the wedding has an official photographer, Kathy just went on to the siding hehe, but she did get a good angle and captured each moment.

Yeah, it was a heartwarming episode having witnessed one of my friends took her trip down-the-aisle and marked the beginning of another chapter of her life, the feeling was great and all I could wish for is a happy union ahead!
The couple

After the ceremony we proceeded to the North Palm Hotel for the reception. A photobooth had set up earlier for a more trendy souvenir shots of the guests and the wedding party. It was sponsored by Maam Leonora Caminade, Dean of the ABA program at UIC.
With friends at the Reception

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