My Favorite (living) Men

I like men who are tough and smart, who are not easily intimidated, who can carry a sensible conversation  and can talk anything under the sun, not so much like a knight-in-a-shining-armour stuff but someone who is remarkably polite, courteous, independent, loyal, focus and determined and with a compassionate heart. And there are only few people (whose existence is very transparent to all of us) in the world who got these characteristics.

Here are some of my favourite (living) men in the world:

HRH Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh

The man behind the strength of the British Queen. The Prince, who is royal by birth (Prince of Greece and Denmark before his marriage to Queen Elizabeth II in 1947), has been known in the royal circle as a tough-minded, independent and very outspoken person. Privately, he is considered as Her Majesty's rock and  a  loyal companion, devoted to his role as a Prince Consort.

He is the most influential male royal in the British monarchy and the last true-blooded European royal to marry into the British royal family. Prince Philip is a direct descendant of Queen Victoria of England, King George I of Greece, King Christian IX of Denmark and Emperor Nicholas I of Russia.

For so long, his marriage to the Queen is believed to be an arranged one, the only difference is that there was a real courtship and the Queen, who was still a Princess at that time, was in love with Prince Philip (during medieval times, royals meet for the first time only on their wedding day). 

Before the 21st century, members of the European royalty are supposed to marry within the royal circle. Prince Philip knew his fate by the moment he was taken to England, at the age of 10, by his maternal uncle, Lord Mountbatten, one of the most powerful men in the British monarchy, to live permanently. Born in Corfu Greece on June 10, 1921 during the reign of his paternal uncle, King Constantine I, the Prince however knew little of the Greek language as he grew up in France, Germany and England. He studied in the upper-class, aristocratic schools in France, Germany, Scotland and England.

Despite an almost loveless marriage at the start (on the part of Prince Philip), the Duke of Edinburgh was heard in an interview that he had a great deal of respect towards his wife whom he called "Lilibet" and that respect sustained their relationship and went on to become one of the most stable marriages in the European monarchy. Since they got married in 1947, Prince Philip is always at his wife's side.

His eldest son, Prince Charles the Prince of Wales, recognized his significant role in the royal family calling the Duke of Edinburgh as a strict disciplinarian. But Prince Philip can be very funny at times, fond of giving hilarious and sometimes naughty comments even in public. The Queen admired her husband's unique self-confidence and ability to talk to people from different walks of life without anxiety.

A keen sportsman who once headed the cricket team when he attended Gordounston College in Scotland,  Prince Philip is also into carriage driving, an event in the Equestrian competition which he helped established. He is a patron to more or less 800 organizations and charity foundations. The Prince is now 91 years old. Read more here about PRINCE PHILIP.

Warren Buffet (click the name to read more)

I like this man. His frugality becomes a legend in the business circuit, he has this very simple lifestyle despite being the third richest person in the world (he was the richest person in the world in 2007), his personal philosophy in intelligent investing is so amazing. 

Few guys in the world today think about investing soundly and Buffet is one tough man who could turn a single cent into a huge financial portfolio. He is considered as the most brilliant investor in American history and probably in the world. He thinks differently and view life as an opportunity and not a chance. 

Most of his billions are given to charities and recently he pledged 80% of his fortune to be divided to different foundations. He is now 82 years old. The sad news is that, last April 2012, Buffet was diagnosed with stage 1 Prostate Cancer.

HRH Prince Harry of Wales (click the name to read more)

I find him cute and tough (lol!). As a Captain in the British Army who had gone into the battlefield, Prince Harry is not only a Prince Charming in a fairytale book but a real life Prince with a common touch just like his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

As an Apache helicopter pilot, Harry ranked higher than his brother, Prince William, in the British Royal Armed Forces. 

He can be funny and serious, polite and rough, smart and rascal. Between him and William, it's Harry who is touted to be more human and sweet, who never afraid to show his real emotions, who is more honest to himself, more determined and focus.

Prince Harry, just like the rest of the royal family members, is into sports and charity campaigns. He participated annually in the polo event and often seen playing tennis and football. He is a patron to various charities and established Sentebale in Lesotho, a charity foundation that aims to help homeless and motherless children in Africa.

HRH Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

Before the Act of Succession was passed in 1980 to support the absolute primogeniture or commonly known as lineal succession where daughters of the monarchs have given equal rights to the throne, Prince Carl Philip was the heir apparent of his father, King Carl XVI Gustav, and would one day be the King of Sweden, but following the establishment of the lineal succession, Prince Carl Philip was edged out by his older sister, Victoria, in the line of succession to the Swedish throne.

Princess Victoria is now the future monarch of Sweden and her heir apparent is her daughter, Princess Estelle. But without a future crown, Prince Carl Philip is still the dashing debonair who could sweep off every girl's feet.

A lieutenant in the Swedish Royal Navy, Prince Carl Philip is also a keen sportsman and loved the outdoor life, he often participated in the annual Swedish ice skiing competition and car racing event. The prince has a unique talent in designing and currently pursuing a graphic design course in Stockholm. Prince Carl Philip is also spending time in charity foundations in Sweden.

Following the birth of Victoria's daughter, Princess Estelle, Prince Carl Philip is now third in line of succession to the Swedish throne but in Great Britain where the Swedish royal family members are direct descendants of Queen Victoria, Carl Philip is listed in the line of succession to the British throne ahead of his older sister and niece.

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