Intelligent Investing

Warren Buffet, the third richest man in the world and one of the most brilliant investors in American history, is the one I looked up to when it comes to intelligent investing.

Your eyes probably lit up after reading the title of this entry, it's because the title is quite famous, it's almost called the bible of billionaires!

It used to be the title of the book written by Benjamin Franklin, the mentor of one of my favorite billionaires in the world - Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffet is the CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, the largest investment company in the world. He had been trading in the stock market since his high school days, he learned further investment techniques through Benjamin Franklin. Buffet, the current third richest man in the world  according to Forbes Magazine is considered one of the most brilliant investors in American history. 

I've long been following his life and his investment strategies and made my own research how to practice intelligent investing, so now I'm studying (on my own) the intricate world of trading both in Foreign Exchange and Stock Market. I've no enough money to start with but based on the testimonies of successful traders,  money is not really a big issue, it's always one's strong determination to succeed that matters most.

When I started my MBA at Ateneo I thought of taking Investment and Finance as my field of concentration, unfortunately, it was not offered the time I took my elective subjects so I ended up choosing Marketing Management as my field of concentration.

Lately, I've been analyzing my future and my life in general. Unlike in the past where I am very afraid to talk about my future alone, now I am comfortable with it. No more fear. No more anxiety. I am prepared to sail into the sunset of my life alone. 

My biological clock is slowly entering the red zone and still no traces of a future partner hovering my horizon. So I must get myself ready for a solitary life, what I should do now is to prepare for my retirement to live a comfortable life free from worries.

I have a small, home business of organic products--Dew of Nature's soap and lotion, but I feel this is not good enough to be financially secured, I need to look for more alternatives how to increase my financial portfolio. After conducting so many research about intelligent investing, I discovered that putting considerable investment to mutual funds and foreign exchange trading is a wise move.

For now, I am carefully studying the moves. Mutual fund offers plenty of advantages and has higher returns than putting investment directly on stock market, this is because mutual funds are managed by a fund manager who is more expert in that field so the risk is lower. However, Forex trading is very risky but very profitable and provides higher return of investment compared to mutual funds.

The biggest stock market in the world is New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) but it is relatively smaller when compared to the Foreign Exchange Market. The average trading volume everyday at Forex Market is $4 trillion against $74 billion of NYSE, so why not join this form of trading?But there are risks to consider when thinking about forex trading.

I am carefully studying the techniques and tools in Forex Market and hope to come up with a concrete system in the coming months, but to play safe and protect my hard-earned money, the best option is to choose mutual funds. Whatever comes up in the succeeding months, hope God will guide me. 

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