Mother Earth Destruction

Last Saturday, June 16, 2012, my colleagues in the university invited me to join them for a property viewing at one of the suburban areas in Davao City. We went to the office of the Real Estate Agent at half past noon then brought us to the three areas where the property development would take place in three years time.

While looking at the area, I felt very sad upon seeing the massive destruction done by property developers to the mother earth. It is simply disappointing to see the green environment ruined, the cool and relaxing trees and plants cannot be seen and felt anymore.

Why on earth the government allowed this to happen? Why there's no law implemented that would control which portion of the environment only allowed to be developed for subdivision?

Property developers are so rude, greed and selfish!All they think is money and their riches but never think of what is good for the environment and the government tolerated and cooperated this bad act!

I am so sad seeing the beautiful and breezy surroundings and the landscape of green plants, trees and hills being torn apart. It's no surprise that global warming is rapidly taking place.

This is the irony of all....the government has this so-called "Climate Change" program that would help minimize the green house effect/global warming and that they are calling all citizens to support and join this program to help save the environment and yet they give permit to developers to ruin the environment and the nature. Are they insane????

The freshness of the environment is very relaxing. The destruction of the Mother Earth due to massive urban development where hinterlands are being converted to subdivisions is very alarming and sad.

After touring around the area and see the destruction of the natural wonders of the mother earth, I made up my mind to go back to the province and spend my retirement there where green plants and trees are still abundant, I don't want to witness another calamities that would take millions of lives again because of the cruelty of the government officials and property developers.


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