Great Finds for Acne and Blemishes

I'm one of the thousand girls out there who had been devastated with acne since the teenage years. I don't know why, obviously it's not genetic because none of my siblings and even my parents had acne in their teens. 

For the past 10 years of my life, I am very vigilant with my food intake and made sure that I have a balanced diet in a week, I religiously followed a Mediterranean Diet (click Mediterranean Diet to read more) and turned down sweets including chocolates. But to no avail.

Oh well, my skin is just so oily. Period. 

Last Summer 2012 with some acne around my chin and nose, oh God, so annoying!
Despite the presence of pimples, I am still smiling :-D

I thought this number one skin enemy would vanish naturally when I reached the pearl age, but to my chagrin the "enemy" lingered until the year 2012 strikes the calendar. One of my consolations amidst the distressing presence of acne is "oh wow, I never aged!My body cells are still in early 20s and maybe biologically I am only 23" ^______^

Despite this consolation, my system is ravaged with frustrations that my confidence seems eroding. I lost interest in meeting people. So I continued with my adventure of finding a magic remedy that could eliminate acne for good.

Every weekend I would visit and check the cosmetics section of the department stores in the city hoping the "magic remedy" made its way to the shelves, I would read endlessly the description of the ingredients of each skincare product but none was convincing. 

Since I had this silly habit of reading all the labels and ingredient compositions of the products I am eyeing to buy, one day, I stumbled this facial wash that really caught my attention. 
To the rescue....
Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser. It has salicylic acid that fights skin bacteria

I am familiar with Clean and Clear facial care products from Johnson and Johnson company and quite aware of the varieties of this brand so I wasn't surprise to see the different items at the beauty cosmetics section of the mall, what caught my attention is the phrase "Acne Clearing Cleanser" thinking that this item could provide some sort of relief to my sprouting acne that day, I picked one tube. Then tried that night.

The feeling was relaxing. I could feel the smoothness of the liquid gel around my face. It has a menthol effect and has a very mild scent. What I experience that night after washing my face with water was its softness and smoothness all over. It did not dry my face. Then one day, I saw a slow transformation. No more pimples and acne. No more oily skin.
Some scars remain though but I am more confident now 

After three weeks of continued use with this product, my skin had a rebirth. So happy that the "enemy" I'd kept battling for the past 20 years had finally gone. Confidence is back and my mind is at peace.

Another great finds for acne and oily skin remedies is Garnier facial scrub, it has tiny granules that would eliminate dead skin cells while unclogging the pores. I used this at night to scrape out dust and bacteria I encountered outdoor. Facial scrub exfoliates the skin thorougly.
I'm using this at night to unclog pores and prevent acne-causing bacteria from penetrating deeply on my skin. The anti-microbial beads thoroughly exfoliates skin.

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