Welcome to the Year of the Water Dragon

So it's the Year of the Black Water Dragon. I am not really into astrology. I just read it for amusement then dismissed everything afterwards.

This year, after reading what ARIES people like me would expect in terms of career (I did not read what is written about "love" because I am no longer obsess with that sort of thing), wow, I read something very interesting:

"With Pluto still pulling rank in your career sector, your star continues to rise over the course of the year in your chosen field. Of course, with Capricorn involved, this is not without hard work. After all, your stamina is noble. When Pluto and Uranus reach their exact square in June, you'll be confronted with the culmination of a quest for radical change that began in summer 2011. Use the momentum of the first quarter of the year to launch your major projects, since Pluto will turn retrograde between April and September, causing a forced slowdown and re-evaluation of your priorities.

With Jupiter bringing good fortune to your money sector for the first half of the year, you'll experience fabulous ease in attracting opportunities to boost your income. You're learning how important it is to value yourself and not sell any of your talents for less than they're worth. The summer brings fabulous opportunities for writing and publishing, so if you've been sitting on a book (or two) that you know needs to be written, this is your year to put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard! The new Moon solar eclipse in mid-May is the perfect time to get started if you haven't already. Chances are, you felt the initial impetus during the new Moon eclipse in Sagittarius in December 2011; 2012 demands that you finalize your copy. June's full Moon lunar eclipse in your house of publishing will bring the final lucky push to get your work seen and put into print!"

Oh God!Is this real??hahaha..you know, what's exciting in this astrology forecast is that I am really writing, well for a longer time, two nonfiction books to get into publication, one was already published online but I plan to pull it from the online bookstore and resubmit it to a Filipino publication to get its way to physical bookstores located in the Philippines.

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