My best and worst of 2011

I am having a new year countdown now. The clock sets at 12:00 noon. So before the Year of the Water Dragon makes a grand entrance, I want to spend a little time thinking and looking back what are the best and worst things I witnessed and experienced in 2011.


1.  Blessings - I received lots of blessings this year. Some of the things I fervently asked for the past three years were granted by God. I am always in excellent health condition and none of my parents or siblings got ill. The power of prayers really works. So keep praying. I received good income from my online job too!

2. Travel - I was able to go to the Monastery of the Benedictine monks in Bukidnon during our retreat, such a wonderful place to visit. The environment is so cool and quiet, strongly reminded me of my life in the province. Was able to visit the popular tourist spots of my home province: Enchanted River in Hinatuan and Tinuy an Falls in Bislig. 

3. Cool Environment - The surrounding in the city I lived is free from troubles and calamities. Such a fascinating environment.

4. Friendship - I gained more friends this year. I developed close bonds with some great people: Kathy, Juvy, Lucy (my classmate in the graduate school). Two of the people I truly missed: Helen and Rowie, visited Davao and we had a great bonding, though separately. Helen came over last June and she is always as generous as ever, she brought me a cute, expensive blouse hehe. Rowie arrived in September and we spent time talking and sharing good things in life. Kathy has given me so much opportunities to explore my skills, I spent my birthday with her last April, she introduced me to the goodness and yummy world of cafe hopping and all the foods I'd never eaten before (hehe) and we had so many wonderful moments talking about our passion in internet marketing, her friendship is truly one of the best blessings in life. 

5. Generosity - This rarely happens but I am super lucky to have one person in my small circle who is extremely generous, so kind and gentle, who never forget to share blessings and....yes everything..the foods, the time spent talking and chatting...a person whom I can truly express what's on my mind, whom I can freely wail and throw tantrums, whom I am comfortable expressing my opinion even the most notorious idea. The generosity shown to me is so extraordinary. Uhmmm how do I say  it?Ahhh something like"I know you would give me your shirt off your back if I would ask"--thing like that, ready to give and share whatever is there and that's what genuine kindness is all about. The christmas present I received was so perfect because it was exactly what I wanted in touching. Thank you so much for your incredible compassion through all these years, you are always a great blessing from God. Words cannot express the gratitude I felt. I truly appreciated everything about you, from here to eternity hehe!May you will be blessed with excellent health, wealth and success you've been dreaming and may God will bless you more with plenty of resources in life ^____^

6. I am still single - Yeah, this might sounds so strange to other people who are scrambling and dying to get married, but I treated my singlehood as one of the best gifts from God. You know why?It's because I can still plan what's best for my life, what road to take and where I should be heading. It allows me plenty of freedom to explore the world, to discover the other side of life, to improve myself, to develop whatever talent God has given to me, to redirect my focus. I can still have terrific amount of time reorganizing my life and accomplishing all the task I need to finish before settling down. I want to travel to a foreign land before setting down. Maybe that's the best reason why God allowed me to remain unattached because I still have so many things to accomplish, so many dreams to fulfill that if I will get married might remain unattainable. You know I already stop dreaming about Mr. Right, what I am thinking right now is to marry Mr. Allright..that's more realistic and exciting. You see? Singlehood is a great blessing that should be appreciated and not a thing to mope about. Thank God! ^___^ 

7. Beloved Pope's memorabilia - I was able to visit the exhibit of the Blessed Pope John Paul II relics and memorabilia at John Paul II College of Davao and that was truly fascinating and fulfilling. He was one of my favorite world figures and having seen his personal belongings is like a grand treat of a lifetime.


1. Disaster - News of calamities is always distressing and this year, the world is battered with so much disaster and catastrophe.

2. Death of Grace - If there's one saddest thing I ever experienced in my life this year, it was the passing of one of my friends, Grace Rosello. Until now, her death shocked me. She was really a good friend. Though death is inevitable, hearing someone close succumbed to a disease is always upsetting. Her death allowed me to think and reflect about myself, about my journey, of how unpredictable life is. 

3. Death of Steve Jobs - The creative genius who partly changed the world of communication. His death was a major blow. The apple's CEO and the most creative visionary and innovator of our time was truly an inspiring man and the world still needs him badly, but of course I have to accept the fact that God has His own reason why He took him early. He was the man who chose to think differently and his unique ingenuity contributed largely to modern electronic gadgets evolution. No question about it.

4. The wedding of Prince William - When he was still a young boy and his mother was still alive, I was hoping he would follow what his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, did when she decided to take Prince Philip as her husband. Marrying into the same circle is always crucial in the survival of the mystic of the crown, taking a commoner woman as a wife with no aristocratic background is more than a disaster. When William decided to marry this woman from a working stock (not a middle class oh please!) it eroded the last strand of prestige of the British crown. Privately, it is being whispered in the royal circle, that the royal family was not all amused of having Kate as the newest member of their elite clan. William could have been chosen to marry someone else from the upper class. I saw the video of the royal family attending the Church service at Sandringham last Christmas and Kate was virtually ignored by the royal family and she was literally shoved by some of the royals (Princess Eugenie of York in particular).

5. Failed to continue my French lesson - This is one of the saddest and frustrating things that happened in 2011. I always wanted to learn at least one more language and I am trying hard to study French through audio tutorials but due to my busy schedule, I wasn't able to finish it. I want to go back to the basic this year.

Don't forget to acknowledge the graces and blessings you received from God and don't forget to express your appreciation and gratitude to the people who made your days in 2011 very wonderful and fulfilling. 

Happy New Year to all!God speed.


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