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Last night, after doing my usual nightly routines---writing reminders in my small notebook ("things to do" list for the next day activitiy), listing down the expenses I incurred in a day and reading notes---I spotted an old file about the Personality Test/PhD Certified Premium Test I took four years ago, so I pulled the report and re-read the contents and very amused---!

IQ Score: 120

Just could not believe it and not quite sure what it meant, it was just generated anyway after I took the 40 minute-test, I don't know how it happened and how I answered the questions but I really hit this score, yaaay. haha! According to the report, this IQ score is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions I answered correctly. Ever since I was a kid, I love trivias and quizzes. 

So based on this score my intellectual type is INSIGHTFUL LINGUIST! Which means I've the natural fluency of a writer and the visual spatial strengths of an artist and that I could easily process informations through creative imaginations and give logical reasoning afterwards.Hmmmm... 

Personality Sub-Type: Critic

The report also includes my personality sub-type. Primarily, my personality sub-type is a Critic which means I am very complex, independent thinker and never content to skate on the surface, but on the other side, I have a very perceptive, gentle spirit.

Intelligence Scales: Logical and Visual-Spatial

My dominant Intelligence Scales are logical and visual-spatial which means that my left-brain and right brain mental facilities are balanced, logical is a left-brain function while visual-spatial is a right-brain function. My IS score measures my ability to extract a visual pattern and envision what should come next and use reasoning and logic to determine the best solutions to problems.

Innate Character: Intuitive

This one is not surprising anymore because I was told several times that my 6th sense is somewhat active hehehe! I mean my ESP and intuition abilities are well-developed, actually I can sense it too, but wait, I cannot see dead people you know, I have no capacity also to predict the next winning combination numbers in Lotto, but I can easily sense how a certain thing would lead me, and how a certain pattern of event would push me to danger, I mean I know definitely when to go with my gut and it had helped me about trillion times already in decision-making.

Intuition, according to my PT report, is often just a matter of keeping calm enough to listen to my inner feelings---it's far too different from "Clairvoyancy" or a psyche ability to see the future, but I can manipulate/dictate my vision and how the things should run, I already used this capacity several times and the results seemed accurate. Manipulating a vision is just too tiring and stressful, it requires a hell of concentration and trust in instinct.The first time I was aware with my intuitive nature, I was not afraid because I was told my ability was far from having a "third eye" which enable people to see "the others".

Seems Accurate

When I took that personality test about four years ago, I did not pay attention and even laughed at the result because I thought it was just a passing occurence, I mean there are lots of factors that influenced the result, maybe I was too conditioned--mentally, emotionally and physically---when I took the test. But I was just surprised when I took another test about a year ago, this time in a Test IQ book of Dr. Alfred Munzert composed of 60 questions good for 45 minutes, I finished it in 43 minutes and the result was just too similar with that Personality Test. My IQ score is still 120 hehehe, thank God my brain did not deteriorate haha! My left-brain and right-brain functions are still balanced and my Intuitive character still prevailed!

The IQ book I bought a year ago

I love taking personality test or even general quizzes in books, magazines or through online because I want to find out something about my character, about my personality and how I would carry myself well in public, how to deal with other people, sometimes these factors cannot be explained by circumstances and experiences. It's good to take this type of test because it brings excitement and additional knowledge and wisdom, it's good to find out our weaknesses, our strengths, our capabilities and potentials, it will also help us to understand ourselves better and how to handle complexities in life.

I am obsessed with research and reading! In college whenever I had a free time, I would go to the library not to study but to read several books about Geography and World History, when I graduated, I'd memorized 100 capital cities in the world hahahaha! I'd learned complicated details also about the lives of European royals and its ancestries and the terrible battles in human history--Hundred years of War, Thirty Years War, WW I and II.

I created several lists of just anything and made compilations about the winners of MISS UNIVERSE and MISS WORLD, the US PRESIDENTS, BRITISH MONARCHS, PHYSICISTS (because I love reading stuff about Galileo, Stephen Hawking and Michael Faraday hehe), ROMAN PONTIFF, OSCAR WINNERS, WORLD'S BILLIONAIRES, RICHEST/POOREST COUNTRIES, LARGEST/SMALLEST COUNTRIES, WORLD'S MOST ADMIRED COMPANIES, among others.

Because of my fascination on trivias and quizzes, I created a book "The Smart Quiz" to satisfy my curiosity ^___^

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