The Spanish Royals

Is the wife of Prince Felipe of Spain, Princess Letizia, is not on speaking terms with her sisters-in-law, Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina? Infanta by the way is the term used for a Spanish Princess. According to News Summary--there's somewhat estrangement between Letizia and the two older sisters of her husband a year ago and made sure they won't be spotted together in one place. (left photo: the Spanish royal family family photo taken sometimes in 2008 or 2009)

The Spanish royal family has a traditional family reunion during summer to a spectacular island of Mallorca, not far from the glamorous Spanish town, Ibiza and last year, gossip regarding the estrangement persisted when the royals did not release a family photo, so this year, the royal family matriarch, Queen Sophia, made effort to dismiss family discord by bringing her children together to Mallorca--and a family photo shoot was taken but Letizia's position (between Prince Felipe and Queen Sophia) seemed too far from the two Spanish Infantas to notice if they are really in good terms already.

King Juan Carlos is too busy to deal with this petty family misunderstanding, I guess, because he was just released from the hospital where he had a knee surgery. Hmmm...Just wondering why they had a misunderstanding...

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