G Cafe

Located along Quimpo Boulevard, not far from SM Davao, G cafe is another place where you can comfortably relax with friends while surfing the net. The place is wifi ready. I love their Apple Cider Tea, very delicious and soothing! You can order foods--burger and fries-- from nearby Brothers' burger store just beside G Cafe.

Last weekend I and Kathy went there to discuss things about blogging and I was pleased with its wonderful and relaxing interior, European style setting. We bought Garlic Fries sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese and some herbs. Then just sipped Apple Cider Tea. The feeling was great and we had a wonderful discussion about many things. Scent of brewed coffee and other foods wafting in the air that I felt like I want to eat and eat hehe...and the music softly played in the background.

G Cafe is just one of the many elegant cafes in Davao City that I visited, such a cozy place to unwind and think about important things in life. If you are looking for a conducive and warm place to study or do some research, G Cafe is a perfect place for you because it is so quiet and you can surf the net endlessly as its wifi connection is very fast. 


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