Garnier Face Powder

Garnier Face Powder covers greasy appearance around the skin surface and hide skin blemishes, thus, using it daily is one of my top beauty regimens of the day. I regularly applies Garnier Cream before leaving the house so the face powder of the same brand sounds like a perfect combination for a smooth and youthful skin all day.

I am currently using the ivory shade because it looks like Garnier has no available shade for girls who have fair skin. But I love its very refine texture because easily blends with my skin. What I like more about this face powder is its nice effect on my skin, the translucent radiance, smooth surface and oil-free performance plus it has SPF 18 which protects my face from ultra-violet radiation. 

This pressed powder from Garnier has a whitening component too which makes the skin lighter and smoother. But I've noticed, well, even if ivory is a good shade, this colour seems not the perfect choice for my skin because it feels like my face has a different colour from the rest of my body. Ivory maybe suits well with girls who have brown skin. But overall, Garnier pressed powder is a wonderful beauty essential when it comes to skincare.

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