Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

One cup of frozen yogurt with mango strips and blueberry syrup at Tutti Frutti Gaisano mall Davao

I adored fruit yogurt and often gorge several cups (nestle fruit yogurt) in a week to gratify my cravings, but I never tried the frozen version of it ever since so one afternoon, I badgered my friend, Kathy, to drop by at Tutti Frutti outlet to satisfy my curiosity, it was my first time to visit this refreshment joint so I was a bit excited. 

I chose Vanilla flavour and topped it with blueberry syrup and mango strips (I didn't experiment with other colorful dippings because I worried if my stomach could really stand the shuffling of chilly ingredients) and had it weighed at the counter and, well, quite shocked with the amount.haha!
Paying at the counter

I loved the taste, it was great! The yogurt is not too creamy nor sugary, I just love the perfect combination of vanilla and buttery, rich and smooth texture of frozen yogurt. The blueberry syrup (or jam, I am not sure exactly how to describe it) perfectly blended on the yogurt itself. 

But my appetite was a bit uncomfortable with the inclusion of mango strips, the sour effect or too sugary stuff of mango seemed did not compliment the vanilla flavour of yogurt and I was not delighted with its acerbic after-taste (though as a fresh fruit, mango is one of my favourites). But overall, Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt is worth trying, such an amazing treat for a punishing hot weather and an excellent get-away to escape the  annoying weather.

After finishing one cup, I realized I should have picked the smaller container

I would love to come back there some other time to try another combination but maybe pick the smallest cup because the one I'd chosen was somewhat too large for my chilling veins. After finishing one wintry cup, I felt my head was ready to burst with too much frostiness. Customers can freely choose the yogurt flavour by personally operating the yogurt machine and dippings, for those who have less tolerance on frozen food or icy concoctions try to pick a smaller container or cup to avoid the ugly experience of having your head wheeze in the "arctic"!

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