Shea Shower Cream

Another great discovery, an excellent bath cleanser. So creamy and smooth!

Just tried this body cleanser and moisturiser two days ago and super impressed with its wonderful effect, I love its soothing scent and delicate smoothness. It has an amazing milky lather and calming effect and felt like I am bathing with one cup of expensive cologne! 

She Shower Cream from Body Shop has an aromatic fragrance which relaxes tired body and senses. I love its very tender effect, it makes my skin so soft and moisturised all day. It was so amazing, that even after two hours I continued sniffing my skin.

This is best to use at night before going to sleep because you can feel your skin's smoothness all over and the relaxing scent is so terrific! Honestly, I don't feel I still need to put on lotion after using this because my skin is already soft and tender. It is infused with Shea, a proven skin smoothener and moisturiser, so the result is fantastic!

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