Chicco's di Caffe

Chicco's di caffe is located along Roxas and artiaga streets in Davao city. It serves European concoctions, mostly Italian, their coffee and smoothies are some of their most-prized menu. I and a good friend, gone there several times for our "business brainstorming". The place is very relaxing and comfortable.

We chose it because it is more accessible and the wifi performance is great. The sofas are very comfortable too and privacy can be enjoyed because it is rarely visited by people.

It is located in one of the noise-free streets in the city, so the environment is relaxing and very quiet. One of my favorites at Chicco's is Brazo in durian delight, such a yummy and sumptous dessert to die for! Accompanied with one mug of hot green tea with honey, Brazo is one great food I cannot simply resist. I am not into coffee, so green tea is always the best option when I am in coffee houses.

Another favorite at Chicco's is Garlic bread (left photo) which is traditionally serve with potato chips. Each bread is stuffed with  ham and cheese. The price is P100.00 but it seems like you are eating a full-blown meal because of its "bulk".

Chicco di Caffe is conveniently located within downtown Davao (not far from Ateneo de Davao University) and it is along the highway so taking a ride is not difficult. Relatively larger, in floor area, than Fagioli in Quirino and Cafe Demitasse in Torres, Chicco's provides a spacious environment for private conversation or business meeting.

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