Kelloggs Frosties

I always love cornflakes because aside from super yummy, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals which can supplement the recommended dietary allowance for my body.

When I am in a hurry, especially in the morning and no time to dash to the kitchen to cook something for breakfast, I would just prepare one bowl of cornflakes with milk then finished it with one cup of hot green tea. One of my favorites is Kelloggs Frosties. When it comes to food brands, I have only two choices: NESTLE AND KELLOGGS.

Although not in a regular basis, Kelloggs Frosties consist my breakfast and sometimes dinner. I love this cereal, not because this is the favorite food of the late Diana, Princess of Wales (Kelloggs hold a Royal Warrant for cereals in the British Royal Household), but because I find it very tasty, creamy and satisfying. In fact, every time I eat one bowl of Kelloggs Frosties in the morning, my stomach is already full and no need to recharge it with rice.

It is a practical choice for me for breakfast because I am feed up with the same menu offered in the carenderia every morning. Eggs and fish are fine but hotdog and chorizo? My God! I don't want to stuff my body with too many carcinogen. So devouring one bowl of cornflakes in the morning becomes ideal.

Kelloggs Frosties are coated with sugar, I mean it is super sweet already so there's no need to pour sweetened  milk. I am not into sweet foods, I hate it because it spoil my appetite, so I have this very unorthodox practice of eating cornflakes---diluting fresh milk with small amount of warm water before pouring it to the flakes, well, it may sound weird, but it tastes great! But when I eat other varieties of cornflakes, I often drizzled it with whipping cream topped with some nuts or fruits.

Unlike other cornflakes, Kelloggs Frosties had super thin textures which appeared like, well almost, Italian confetti, the flakes are seemed soak into sugar and cream. I can even have full breakfast with it, drinking one cup of hot green tea after one bowl of Kelloggs made me super contented because the bitterness of tea compliments the sweet taste of the flakes perfectly so there's no time to exclaim "yucks"!. Over-all, eating Kelloggs Frosties each morning is a very healthy habit.

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