Practicing a Job Interview

Okay, this is some sort of practice.

Since I am just waiting to finish my masteral degree and look for another job where I could maximize my potentials, I did some research about the possible job interviews thrown by prospective employers. 

I always considered oral interviews as scary, it terrifies me, I have this less-than perfect oral recitation skill back in school :-)

So to prepare myself for this nerve-wracking ordeal, I gathered possible questions:

What is your greatest strength?
I pride myself for having this very flexible attitude when it comes to meeting deadlines. My experience as a freelance writer online thought me so many things about submitting work on time.

What is your greatest weakness?
I have this very bad stammering habit. I stutter a lot so I have this less-than-perfect oral communication skill. It's something I dreaded with but I am slowly working on it because I know it is a disadvantage especially in a globally competitive workplace.

How do you handle stress in the workplace?
I never consider stress as a hindrance to my work so to minimize the pressure, I always see to it that I organize my tasks, prioritizing the critical tasks that need to accomplish first.

Why Should we hire you? (another nerve-wracking question since your employer will size you if you are really worthy to be part of the company)

I am confident that the requirements of the job matched my skills. I have this great desire to be successful. I am a team player and flexible in meeting deadlines. 

If you could choose someone (dead or alive) to have lunch with who would it be and why?

Steve Jobs. I always admired his remarkable managerial and entrepreneural skills. 

Describe your dream job?

I always wanted to work as a market research analyst, there's something in research that I find very challenging and fulfilling, the discovering of the market needs matching with the consumer needs, the ideas to be developed and the solutions to a certain need. I am always curious towards so many things in life and the field of research will allow me to work on things that need to be answered.

Are you a risk taker?
I must admit that for the past ten years of my life I did nothing but to keep myself safe because I was so afraid to try anything that would inflict danger in my life. But recently, I acknowledged the necessity of taking risk no matter how terrifying it is. It opens door for discovery and self improvement.

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