Since February this year, I and Kathy hold our business meet-up at a cozy place where we could discuss the ideas and details of the project in the presence of technology and foods!(lol), so we had chosen best cafes in the city offering European dishes : Fagioli along Quirino, Chiccos di Caffe at Roxas Street and Café dimetasse along Torres.

While brainstorming, our stomach enjoyed Italian and French delight pumping so much energy to mind. Chiccos served delicious and fantastic Italian coffee beverages and foods, Cafe Dimetasse served mostly French concoctions. Dimetasse by the way is a French word means a small cup of coffee or espresso. Fagioli's foods are mixture of French and Italian dishes.
 Garlic bread at Chiccos (image from the official site of chiccos di caffe)
Panini at Chiccos (image from Chicco di Caffe website)

At Fagioli, I didn’t eat anything because I had already taken my dinner when we gone there but when we agreed to meet at Chiccos that’s when the crime of food started to take place..haha! I devoured brazo, sandwiches  and garlic bread with plenty of potato chips, I also loved the green tea of Chiccos because it is very relaxing and soothing.

Last night, while discussing yummy foods offered on bistros and other café bars, we decided to go to café dimetasse along Torres because I wanted to eat full loaded European dishes! So there we go.
 my favorite Creamy Carbonara from Cafe Dimetasse. So yummy!
Monti Cristo at Cafe Dimetasse. Monti Cristo is a toasted sandwich stuffed with ham, egg and cheese, so tasty!
The mouthwatering cake at Cafe Dimetasse drizzled with choco syrup!

While I devoured Creamy Carbonara, my friend ordered Monte Cristo, a toasted sandwich stuffed with egg and ham with cheese, the tea is great too. Before we left, we ordered once more (haha), this time with a savory Belgian fries drizzled with lots of parmesan melted cheese.

While on my way home, I had realized how much I overloaded my body system with too much calories and bad cholesterol toinkz…so I prepared a cup of hot green tea with honey before fixing my self to sleep.

Next stop Bistro Rosario.hahaha!!Life is absolutely terrific with FOOD!!

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