Ad Monetization Platforms For Publishers and Bloggers, which is best?

The lifeblood of most bloggers is monetizing blog websites as I did for the past years. I've tried many Ad Monetization Platforms but so far Google's Adsense is what best works for me.

I tried several ad networks before but later quit and removed their Ads because it badly affected the traffic to my site and I have a high bounce rate, which means page visitors left my site even before bruising the content, it is because of the way their Ads worked, especially the pop-under placement which can be annoying to page visitors. It disrupts the readers' experience.

I tried Ad Cash but it has the worst monetization program so I left. However, I am still searching for Ad Networks to leverage my monthly income.

Lately, I stumbled on Adsterra but the bad reviews from dissatisfied bloggers and publishers made me hesitate to join the network. 

Then I read good reviews of Infolinks, so maybe I will try this program. Hopefully, it will work for my three websites. 

So, what is an ad monetization platform?

According to playwire, it is a platform solution for publishers to manage the ads on the website, desktop app, or mobile app.

To monetize your blogs, you need to look for an Ad network to connect you to advertisers. You have to apply as a publisher then the Ad network (such as Google's Adsense) will buy your website's ad impression and resell it to an advertiser. 

It's the ad network that will facilitate the connection between the publishers and the advertisers, the ad network will pay you based on ad clicks and impressions. 

I read good reviews about the Monetag Ad network. According to reviews, it is compatible with Adsense.

But wait, there's more, Monetag actually has a good monetization program for those who don't have a website but has an active social media page, check these steps if you are interested: How to Earn Through Direct Link of Monetag

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