Product Review: Megan Peel-Off Mask with Gold Collagen and Eggshell Mask Cream

Megan Peel-off mask with gold collagen

Tonight is my first time to use this product, Megan Peel-Off Mask with Gold Collagen. I don't have skin allergies to facial masks and I've been using other brands for my nightly routine. So I'm confident this mask will work best for me. 

I was attracted to the "gold collagen" ingredient because I had a nice experience with the Korean product, Face Republic Gold Mineral Cleanser

Megan Peel-off mask with gold collagen
I have a bad experience with this product

But lo and behold! This peel-off mask almost, literally, tore off my facial skin! The most agonizing, torturous experience I ever had with a skin product! 

I religiously followed the directions on how to apply this mask so I was confident things would go on smoothly. After 20 minutes I began peeling it off, and alas! My skin tinged painfully.

Megan Peel-off mask with gold collagen

As I slowly removed the dried mask, it felt like my facial skin was scraping from my bones! After clearing off the residue (with the help of water), my skin looked blistered and purplish. Lots of red dots around my chin and below my eyes. 

I would never use this product again! It did not remove any blackheads anyway lol!

My Experience with Eggshell Mask Cream

For the most effective peel-off mask, I would recommend this product: Eggshell Mask Cream. This is so far the most effective facial mask I ever tried. So cool and soft on the skin. I did not have any problem when removing the mask.

Eggshell Mask Cream review
Eggshell Mask Cream. Highly recommended!

IIt has given me a bright glow. It's very tender on the skin and I love the scent, very pleasing and not irritating. Actually, the feeling is the same as applying a fresh egg white on the face, the only difference is that this product has a refreshing fruity scent. 

You will only leave this mask for about 20 minutes in your skin and no need to rinse it off. After peeling off the mask, you can apply a facial toner followed by your usual night cream for a better result. It's so effective!

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