When Life Hits Us

Hello! It's been a while. 

I have not posted anything in my personal space for the past couple of months, not that I do not have anything to say, (I am active on my other websites), but lately it has been emotionally draining. 

Don't know what it is, perhaps some quarter-life crisis, but it feels like the past months my life was in a slump, and no matter how I pulled up myself, I could not get up. And I am trapped somewhere.

So I just devoted my time reading news about celebrities and writing entertainment topics and royal stuff. Exploring the lives of celebrities and royals has been much fun lately, it provided me relief and a sense of purpose. The kind of "escape" I needed.

I tried reading some inspirational books, and tips on how to motivate myself, how to get ahead, and how to keep things going. Still, it did not work. 

It looks like I am totally "lost". 

But I tried to find joy in the small things every day. I tried to keep in mind that no matter how difficult life is, tomorrow things will get better. 

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