Nadech and Yaya. Mark and Kim: Thai Drama Stars' Enduring Love Stories

Lakorn (Thai Drama) is so randomly heartwarming and relatable. It depicted the real life's ups and downs of typical Southeast Asians. So watching Thai drama always feels like "home", with a twist. 

Most Thai drama are also modern, which showcase the beautiful landscape of Thailand, so it's more engaging to Southeast Asians due to the familiarity of the atmosphere.

But what most drama fans probably did not know yet is the Lakorn stars' interesting love stories that are enduring and sweet.

It's so inspiring to hear celebrity relationships that last a lifetime. That despite of their popularity and the public pressure that comes with it, they still can manage to maintain a lasting relationship with fellow stars.

The best examples are the long-term relationships of Thai power star couples, Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya (Yaya) Sperbund, Mark Prin and Kimberly Anne Woltemas.

Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Sperbund (10 years as of 2021)

Nadech, a Thai-Austrian actor (also known with his nickname Barry), and Yaya, a Thai-Norwegian actress, have been in a relationship for 10 years now. They first collaborated in Duang Jai Akkanee (part of the series that released in four installments), in 2010. 

Nadecha and Yaya celebrated Valentine's Day 2021 with a cruise trip

They worked again in "Game Rai Game Rak", a Thai drama released in 2011. It was the year they began their relationship.

Nadech and Yaya marked their 9th anniversary in 2020 with a trip to a Phuket beach. Nadech posted this sweet snap in his instagram with a simple caption: Yaya and Barry 💓

Nadech and Yaya starred in several Thai series together, the most memorable being the "Rising Sun Part I and II" with Mario Maurer in season 1, and The Crown Princess in 2018.

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Mark Prin and Kimberly Anne Woltemas (8 years as of 2021)

Prin Suparat, known internationally as Mark Prin, is a Thai-Chinese actor. He is a Judo Middleweight Black belter and was an athlete before joining showbiz. He attended Rangsit University in Thailand taking up Tourism and Hospitality on an Athletic scholarship.

Mark Prin and Kimberly Anne Woltemas

He is a member of the singing group called 4+1 in Channel 3 television in Thailand together with Nadech Kugimiya, Mario Maurer and two other Thai actors.

Kimberly Anne Woltemas is a German-Thai actress and model. She was born in Berlin, Germany to a Thai mother and a German-Spanish father, who has a PhD degree in Law from Harvard University.

Mark Prin and Kimberly Anne Woltemas first worked together in 2010 via "Duang Jai Akkanee", which also starred Nadech Kugimiya and Yaya Sperbund.

They worked again in 2011 in a drama called "Sarm Noom Nuer Tong" which has an English name of Three Golden Men. Two more collaborations came (The Kitchen Scholar in 2012 and Love Started at the Fence in 2013) before they began their relationship.

Secret Love Online promotional poster

Kim and Mark did another series in 2015, Ab Ruk Online (Secret Love Online), a rom-com drama that also starred Anne Thongprasom (who also produced the series) and Peter Corp Dyrendal.

They are in a relationship for eight years now.

The challenges in celebrity relationships

It's a common knowledge that being popular and always in the public eye pose a great deal of risks and challenges to celebrity relationships. 

The pressure of being in the limelight, the constant intrusion of fans and the scrutiny of the press and the public often take a toll in the relationship of movie stars, some of it don't last long, and some even ended so messy and ugly.

So, hearing relationships of popular stars that endure and pass the test of time is always inspiring and awesome. It brings real feel-good vibes, proving that celebrity relationships can really last if the couples professed strong devotion to each other.

We love to hear successful romances in showbiz like that of Nadech and Yaya, Mark and Kim, whose popularity proved not a hindrance to their enduring love.

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