Here's Why Nadech and Yaya Are Our Ultimate Celebrity Couple Goals

Thai celebrities, Urassaya Sperbund, known shortly as Yaya, a Thai-Norwegian, and Nadech Kugimiya, a Thai-Austrian, are our power couple ultimate goals.

They are in a relationship for more than ten years now and their bond is getting stronger as day goes by. 

In fact, they've been rumored to be engaged already though neither of them confirmed the speculation.

A Love that Endures

In showbiz, for a relationship (dating stage) to survive that long is something of an extraordinary loyalty and devotion from both parties, considering their status as Thailand's most popular stars, the pressure to endure the relationship is a huge challenge.

But it survived for a decade and didn't wither in the passing of times. Such an awesome thing to hear.

Nadech and Yaya celebrate 10 years together

They're both good-looking and equally talented. Apart from acting, they're also into singing and modeling.

Showbiz career

Nadech, also known with his nicknamed, Barry, has an adoptive father who is Japanese, thus, the surname Kugimiya.

Nadech Kugimiya

He started a modeling career when he was 17 and made his acting debut in 2010. He is one of Thailand's highest paid actors who has numerous acting awards in his name.

Yaya is also one of Thailand's highest paid actresses and most-sought after model. She is the first Thai celebrity to be featured in US Vogue.

Yaya made her acting debut in 2008.

Urassaya Sperbund

Nadech and Yaya starred together in a number of films and TV series, most popularly in The Crown Princess and Rising Sun part 2 as main leads, and Rising Sun part I as second leads

They first met in 2010 when they did a drama together. They announced their relationship in 2011.

Celebrity Couple Goals

It's a common knowledge that relationship among celebrities in showbiz often met with so many challenges due to the circumstances of being popular.

Yaya and Nadech

It requires an insurmountable amount of devotion, loyalty and faithfulness before things can survive.

Invasion of privacy, intrigues and controversies are among roadblocks showbiz relationships and others won't survive longer than five years.

Popular actors and actresses often struggled to protect their relationship from ruining over intrigues and challenges brought by their very public lives.

Others couldn't keep up with the pressure and often ended up breaking. It's simply difficult to balance soaring career and love life.

However, Nadech and Yaya, both popular and bankable stars, proved stable relationship in showbiz is still possible if the two persons are willing to make it works.  

Nadech as Ryu and Yaya as Mayumi in Rising Sun TV series

Thus, their relationship is our ultimate showbiz couple goals, stable, loyal, faithful, lasting and durable. 

They withered pressure and endured challenges. And get through with all the hustles the chaotic showbiz life brings.

Indeed, they are our ideal power showbiz relationship couple goals.

Ultimate couple goal 💖

Wish them the best in their relationship for the years to come and hope to see them get married soon. 💍

Nadech was born on December 17, 1991 in Thailand and has a Communication Arts degree major in Film and Cinematography from Rangsit University.

While Yaya obtained her Bachelor Arts degree from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

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