10 Reasons Why Dog Lovers Can Make The Best Boyfriends

Did you know that having pets prepare someone to become an ideal boyfriend or husband? And if that someone is a man, he can be the best boyfriend or husband you could ever dream of. 

It is because a guy who is a dog or cat lover is well-trained of all things loyalty, faithfulness and responsibility. And they tend to be more sensitive, patient and generous than those who are not.

Here are 11 reasons why you should look for a man who loves dogs:

1. Keeping you safe and protected

Dogs and cats are defenseless creatures when it comes to cruelty of humans and natural disasters. And for these reasons, they needed their owner's protection and shelter.

A man who loves dog always makes sure their pets are safe and protected. 

So if you have a guy who is a dog lover, rest assured he is after your safety and security. He will make you safe, protected and always looking for your welfare.

2. Thoughtful and Considerate

Having pets really require tons of patience and consideration. It's because dogs and other animals cannot clearly send a message to their owners what they feel at the moment, if they are sick, cold or hungry, they rely on their owners' sharp attention to details to detect any discomfort on them.

Just imagine if you have a boyfriend who is a pet lover? He will surely make sure you are okay, constantly checking your safety and sensitive to your comfort and needs.

3. They love to snuggle

We all know that dogs love to snuggle their owners and those devoted owners can't go anywhere in the house without hugging their dogs.

And yeah, dog lover boyfriend is not shy of giving you some snuggle just to make you comfortable and warm. And men who snuggle dogs are hot and sexy!

4. They are loyal and committed

Pet lovers are used to loyalty and commitment. It does not scare them because having pets is really a serious business. It takes a lot of commitment and devotion to responsibility to raise a dog or cat. 

Animals need constant attention and its owners are usually generous in giving them with a lot of attention. Men are also being influenced by the degree of loyalty a pet is giving them. So expect a loyal and faithful husband if he is a dog lover.

5. They are playing a role of being a dad

Not just dad, but a responsible, attentive dad. It's because men who love dogs treated their pets as their own children. 

They hug them upon arriving home. Snuggle and kiss them like their kids. They bathe them, feed them, scratch their back and play with them. They are attentive to their needs!

6. They are patient

Of course we know that pet lovers need to have an insurmountable amount of patience to endure the day of having pets. It's because pets can tend to be messy in the house. And can be stubborn too.

So a pet lover must be patient to understand their pets better. And this trait can be extended to their role as boyfriend or husband.

7.They are sensitive to your needs

Having pets who do not speak clearly what they needed at the moment is a great challenge. And someone who likes dogs and cats are extra sensitive to their pets' needs.

They can easily understand what their pets needed so if you have this type of guy as a husband, bravo! You have a sensitive husband who always puts your welfare and needs ahead of him.

8. They are selfless

Pet lovers have big hearts. They are never selfish. Having pets trained them to share and give to others. Pets require attention from time to time and they needed to be taken care of.

Though not all dog lovers are selfless, most of them are really generous of their time and resources because they have that in their mindset to care for others especially animals that are defenseless.

9. They are warm-hearted

The nature of pet lovers is always loving. They give extra attention and sweetness, it is because pets constantly needed sweetness. Pet lovers are never harsh to animals, they can readily provide comfort.

It's the same as having a husband who is a pet lover. He can be a warm-hearted better-half and will never give you a cold-shoulder if you are having a bad day. They will readily comfort and snuggle you.

10. Expressive of affection

Generally speaking according to research, men tend to shy away from displaying affection. They hate too much drama and they want a straight-forward relationship. They care more of a destination rather than on the journey.

But pet lovers are used to expressive affection. Dogs love cuddling, smooching and playing, they like to hug and kiss their owners every chance they got.

So having a husband who is a dog lover is extra sweet. Dogs taught them how to be more expressive with their feelings and how to be more open with their affection.

So when a dog lover feels strongly about you, that's it! He is surely into you. And he will not shy expressing his affection.

And beware with a guy who hits or harms animals. Those cruel shenanigans. They are mostly disloyal, irresponsible, rude and the opposite of all the 10 characteristics we listed here. 


The picture I used in the thumbnail of this article is an edited photo of Chinese hot stars, Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat with his pet dog, Ashina Xiao Bei. Leo Wu, known in C-drama as Wu Lei, and Dilraba starred in a hit series, The Long Ballad.

Leo Wu and his pet dog, Xiao Bei

Leo Wu is a known dog lover who takes care of his pet dog like no other. He is devoted to the welfare of Xiao Bei and he often made it known in the social media.

Xiao Bei is a Guangxi Hound, a native breed of dog in China, usually found in the countryside. This breed is similar to Japan's Shiba Inu and Akita Inu and known in China as hunting dogs. Guangxi Hounds are great human's companions as their characteristics are protectors and playful.

Leo Wu brought his pet dog in one of the shows he guested

Xiao Bei came to Leo Wu in 2019 during the filming of his drama, Cross Fire. He and the film crew found the puppy creeping through the bushes. He decided to take it and underwent proper documentation for adoption.

Leo during the filming of Cross Fire where he found the puppy

In 2020 while filming The Long Ballad, he gave the cute puppy with another name, Ashina and began calling her Ashina Xiaobei. 

Ashina is the historical house name of the Ashina tribe, to which his clan. Ashile tribe, in The Long Ballad, was based.


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