5 Outdoor Trip Ideas From Reba and Wu Lei We Can Explore To De-Stress

Year two of the pandemic time, and life is not yet fully back to normal. But while uncertainty still looms, some perks, like traveling, are slowly bouncing back.

And that's enough to be grateful.

Taking a leisure getaway now seems like having a "green signal" from the authorities, albeit, cautiously, we can finally start fixing our travel goals and make the most of the outdoor life.

We missed traveling, aren't we?

It's one of the most relaxing privileges in life. And though, things are still inconvenient when it comes to mobility, we can actually enjoy the adventure somewhere provided we take precautions and follow the health protocols and coronavirus guidelines set by the government.

Me at one of my nature trips pre-pandemic

Outdoor adventure is such a relaxing escape. It brings tons of benefits to our mental state and helps us breathe life comfortably. The calmness of nature and the whiff of a refreshing greenery, fill our mind and body with some fresh perspective. 

Quiandao Lake in Zhejiang province, China

A road trip to the countryside, taking a walk along the lakeside, excursion to the mountain or simply walking in a botanical garden, allow us to reboot from stress.

In addition, the natural beauty of the environment gives our soul a time to rest. It heals wounded spirits and pacifies troubled minds, especially during this difficult moment of our time.

By staring at nature alone is a gift to our sanity and vitality. It gives us a sense of balance, stabilizes our inner self and energizes our physical strength. It's a great diversion in life.

Chinese hot stars, Wu Lei and Reba, during their recent nature adventure

Here are five outdoor travel ideas inspired by the recent Weibo posts of our favorite C-Drama couple, Dilraba Dilmurat/Dilireba (who played Changge in The Long Ballad), and Leo Wu/Wu Lei (who portrayed Ashile Sun in the same series). 

Their recent nature trips (separately) gave us some wanderlust craving and made us realized how terrific it is to explore the great outdoor life. 

Take a breathe from all the muddles of life and go somewhere to chill comes weekend!

1. Cycling Road Trip -  This is one of the favorite outdoor pursuits of people who love to hop in a bike. According to a cycling aficionado in her blog, "there's a feel-good factor that can be reaped from riding a bike on a road trip. It makes you smile and feel better because it is outdoor and you can bathe on the fresh air and sunlight".

Leo Wu relishes joy on his bike, a great outdoor trip

Indeed! Look at Chinese heartthrob, Leo Wu, when he is outdoor pedaling on the road, he feels a unique kind of freedom riding on his bike, bracing through the scenic country road and enjoying the scenery of nature.

Taking a cycling road trip energizes the physical strength as you pedal through the breezy atmosphere and see life beyond your station as sunlight cascading at your back. It also offers the best opportunity to see the environment in its natural beauty. 

2. Visit the nearest lakeside - A weekend getaway to the lake offers an opportunity to connect with nature and chill. Being in a scenic atmosphere gives us a different level of relaxation and calmness. And that's all what we wanted during this difficult time. 

Leo Wu pedaling his way through the scenic road and lakeside

The peaceful and tranquil surrounding of the lakeside provides relief and sanctuary from the chaos of the world. More over, a trip to the lakeside does good to our lungs because the atmosphere around the lake has negative ions and at its purest compared to the city air.

Qiandao lake in Zhejiang province, China
Our Ashile Sun enjoying his getaway at Qiandao Lake

3. Chill in a mountain resort - Ah, mountain resort, who would not want to be in this tranquil place at this time of uncertainty? It's a perfect sanctuary to forget all the muddles in life. A great place to be disconnected momentarily from all the turmoil the world is currently undergoing.

Reba chilling in a scenic surrounding

Time like this where life seems hanging in a balance, a trip to a cool and quiet place like mountain resorts is a peaceful diversion. Nature gives our body and mind a total relaxation. A cool oasis to unwind and go off the radar for a time.

4. Dine in a Garden Cafe - Nature and food! How perfect this combination is! Nothing beats in life than chilling in a garden tucked among the verdant trees and stunning blooms, sipping a cup of tea and biting a piece of French toast.

It's a scenic moment a troubled soul needed to get back on shape. Imagine, relaxing in a tranquil environment, surrounded with lush tropical plants and flowers, while enjoying meals? It's one of life's greatest indulgencies. 

Reba chilling in a garden cafe with Hydrangea in perfect blooms popping in the background

Dining Alfresco, with a view of nature, is a perfect way to unwind comes weekend. It's a great breather, a relaxing escape, a comfortable food trip. 

The recent Weibo post of Chinese power star, Dilireba, where she is relaxing in a garden cafe in the middle of the wilderness with beautiful Hydrangea in perfect blooms, made me to seriously plan a quick trip this weekend to the nearest garden cafe and escape the insane rush hour in the city.

Garden cafe surrounded with verdant trees and blooms makes the dining experience more luscious and endearing. So, relax, chill, and sit comfortably in a cafe under the trees, and enjoy an afternoon tea.

5. Forest-bathing or nature walk- Forest-bathing has been so popular recently and many people across different countries are doing this nature trip to detoxify inner body toxin and de-stress. Forest-bathing involves taking a leisure walk around a nature trail, a lush garden or a mini-forest.

Reba taking a nature walk

It does not have to be in the wilderness or taking a rigorous mountain hike or a laborious  nature trek. A quiet nature walk in a botanical garden or even in a park tucked in greenery is enough to do this ritual, to invigorate a mundane weekend.

Reba and the "forest-bathing" wellness ritual

Immersing in nature is one of the ancient remedies to reduce stress and restore vitality. It does not necessarily to be very far from home, a state park with a huge portion of land shrouded with lush trees and blooms in season, is enough to unwind.

Wu Lei during his recent biking expedition in the countryside

Nature walk offers a quieter, more peaceful life. It relieves anxiety and worries, as noises we can hear are only chirping of the birds, water running from a stream, rustling of the leaves and gentle swishing of the breeze.

Forest-bathing is very therapeutic. It heals mental distress and unclogged emotional burden. The smell of fresh flowers in season and whiff of fresh tropical plants help improve our wellness in many sense.

Reba bending on Hydrangea in perfect blooms

More and more people in some parts of the world take part in the so-called "forest-bathing", which involves a leisure walk around the forest or wilderness. 

It found out according to a study in Japan, that "forest-bathing" or a nature walk increases immune function and lower pulse rates and blood pressure. It also provides the human body with happy hormones.

Reba doing some "forest-bathing"

So, just like what Dilireba did in her recent Weibo post - taking a nature walk - schedule a trip to nature, mini-forest, a public park or a botanical garden near you and do some leisure stroll to calm your tired mind and body and take a time off from anxiety.

Then look for a garden cafe nearby to spend a quiet meal.

Walking along the scenic path and staring at the trees and flowers can do some miracle in restoring our depleted energy and vitality. It also helps us recover from life's tension. The alluring view of nature alleviates distractions from the mind.

Our fave C-Drama couple, 
Reba and Wu Lei, 
taking off from their busy schedule to be with nature

Indeed, outdoor adventure is a therapy, a great stress reliever. So start planning your weekend escape out of these five ideas from Reba and Wu Lei's latest outdoor trip. 

Extra dessert 🍭

Bird Eggs, did you spot some candies in the recent trips of our favorite TLB couple? 😄 Because we love to put colors in every action, let's assume, they unconsciously trying to pay tribute to each other's fandom haha!

Their choices of outfit gave us some bags of chocolates 😂

Wu Lei's fandom color is GREEN while Dilireba's fandom color is RED. And in their latest outdoor trip, it looked like they made some "exchange gift" to their fans by wearing the fandom color of another.

Ah, perhaps, we just missed their pairing so much that we have fantasized they have deliberately swapped "colors" of their fandoms 💓😄


Photo credit: 

Wu Lei (Weibo) and Dilireba (Weibo)

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