Managing Stress During Lockdown Due to Pandemic

Being trapped at home for a longer period of time is both mentally and emotionally stressful because by nature, humans are sociable creatures, and not supposed to be isolated at home or anywhere. 

We are supposed to mingle and step outside. But the pandemic changed this all. Due to fear of spreading it uncontrollably, the government implemented strict rules in community quarantine by never allowing people to go out. 

It thoroughly brought so much anxieties to our system. But we can't just spend time grieving at home over lost freedom. We need to get up and think of a beautiful tomorrow, that this too shall pass.

How to manage stress due to a longer lockdown?

Here are suggestions from the expert:

Activities you can enjoy at home
This is probably one of the best ways to combat the feeling of isolation. Create a daily plan. Start your day with some exercise or body stretching. This works for me. Every other day, I do some dancing exercise routine upon waking up.

Cultivate a hobby
Do you have some passion to develop or nurture but no time to work on it because you are busy. The lockdown offers plenty of time to do this. I enjoyed writing and blogging, before the lockdown I barely touched my laptop to work on my drafts. During the quarantine period, I got back on writing big time. I also have plenty of time to cook and experiment recipes

Focus on what you can do to improve the situation
Thinking too much about the crisis never helps. Get rid of the negative thoughts by breathing deeply and focus on the things you can do at home. Walking in the garden, growing plants, watercolor painting and reading books are just some of the stuff I did everyday to combat apprehensions.

Consume Healthy Food
I've noticed that each time I consume fatty food, chips, processed food and other unhealthy stuff, make me irritable in a day. However, my thoughts and attention have a different response if I can drink tea in the morning and eat fruits and healthy meals throughout a day.

Reduce time in social media and news coverage
I admit it, scrolling facebook and instagram, and watching/reading news coverage about the pandemic add too much stress to my system. So when the Philippine government extended the quarantine period again and again, I stopped reading and watching news. It works!

Connect to positive people
Yeah, having a good conversation with people you can trust or with someone whose perspective is always positive helps a lot.

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