Sick and Stress and Fed up About Life 😭

Today I'm sick. 🤒🤕😷

I'm not sick of the world, but I'm really literally sick in the real sense of the word 🤒 Ughh! The last thing to happen during this terrible crisis is really to get sick.

My body ached, or perhaps muscles, the past days. I have back strain that just would not go away.  My arms feel like being pounded by whatever heavy object is there.

My energy sank and my body can't just pick up any momentum. I feel so tired all the time.  And yesterday, I've this terrible sore throat that makes swallowing very painful. Now I'm lying in bed with thoughts flown somewhere.

I refused to think of any nasty thoughts of acquiring this dreaded disease swirling in the world today, the COVID-19 because I have not exposed to people. I have not go out other than buying grocery once every two weeks.

I suspected stress. 

The past weeks I'm so stressed thinking when I could get back to work, still did not get any words from my new employer and  I am beginning to feed up with the situation.

This makes me so edgy and mentally exhausted recently. 

These barrage of worries and anxieties perhaps the reasons why my immune system weakened and sickness made its way to my system.

I'm devastated and lost and feeling defeated with life. 😢😠

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