White Beach, Puerto Galera: A Fulfillment of my Childhood Dream

Before Boracay and Coron in Palawan became popular, there was Puerto Galera. It was the country's centerpiece of beach adventure back then. Even Asia's top diving spot.

But when tourism shifted its focus to other Philippine islands and beaches, Puerto Galera slowly disappeared in the travel bucket list of  local and international tourists.

Growing up in a place nestled between beaches and mountains, I've lived a life full of natural wonders. But it didn't stop me from dreaming to stomp in another beach. Puerto Galera has long been in my mind since watching a Filipino film featuring its white beach. However, Mindoro sounded a far-flung planet.

In a small seaside town of Surigao, where dreams seem hard to fulfill, I've not thought of reaching Luzon someday. We're almost at the tip of Mindanao peninsula facing the mighty Pacific Ocean, and going out to another place that would take me years far from home sounded scary.

Still I nurtured some hope that someday I could visit other islands in the country. Puerto Galera in particular. I was never fascinated with Palawan beaches nor Boracay. It was the spectacular beauty of Puerto Galera that always haunted my mind while growing up.

It remained for years in my bucket list. Galera is in Mindoro which sounded obscure in Philippine map, a tiny province dotted with forest, mountains and beaches and seemed very far to reach.

In 2013, I went to Boracay with childhood friends and my sister. The powdery sand amazed me. I could walk barefoot along the stretch of  its shoreline without fear of getting my foot hurt. It was a breather. But the noise and the crowd sapped the thrill out of me.

I hate being in a noisy surrounding. I hate being in a huge crowd. Boracay is always noisy and crowded and I felt it depleted the purpose of having a relaxing vacation. I was never relaxed in Boracay. Here and there, a large crowd thronged like ants. And I hate that kind of scene.

White Beach, Puerto Galera in the morning

I thought Puerto Galera perhaps would be entirely different. No noisy crowd. No overflow of tourists. And its white sand might be perfect to enjoy the day laying and watching the world goes by.

Since  moving to Manila in 2013, I mapped out plans to visit Puerto Galera to fulfill my childhood dream. But for years it remained unfulfilled.

Until the other weekend. When finally, I had a chance to travel to this jewel in Mindoro. It was a dream come true. And the moment I stomped on the white beach, my childhood memories of that movie I saw about Puerto Galera flowed like fresh dewdrops. Finally, I got a chance to tick it off out of my travel bucket list.

I'm dreaming this all my life to be in White Beach, Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is a beautiful place to wander comes weekend. I was in my relaxed state. The white sand, the emerald green water, the sprawling shoreline. Everything was amazing. Though it has some noises coming from the bars and restaurants humming through the night, it was not as terrible as those in Boracay. 

I love the atmosphere. Truly a kind of beach surrounding I always dreamed to see. I like the view of the ocean, it reminded me of my home town in Surigao. It feels so terrific to just take a long walk every morning, the fresh breeze coming from the ocean, the soft golden sun falling at my back and the smoothness of the day cleared off my mind from stress.

It's good to really get off from work and from the chaotic scene in the city. And chill at the beach. It refreshes super weary mind.

I love to go back there and just enjoy the time at the beach. Nothing compares!

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