I want to Disappear into the Island and Write Nonstop

What's your thought at the moment? Me, I want to disappear into the island and write nonstop. Island and writing sounds a great combination.

The world is a bizarre, chaotic place to live since the computer age. And it's getting worse everyday. Pressure to cope up with everyday life in the city is becoming a nightmare norm.

This odd life cycle becomes even more disturbing when social media barged into the scene. We become more pressured and stressed with what's going on around, trying to meet deadly routine and absorb the difficult pattern. It's getting toxic everyday. 

Sometimes I would think what's life beyond the placid ocean, the peaceful mountains, the tranquil lakeside. Perhaps, it's peaceful there. The noise of the world is so distressing I often think of disappearing into the island to live beneath the coconut trees and watch countless sunrise and sunset. Life seems a lot easier there, calm and poetic.

Contemplating what I really need to do with my life if I am destined to live alone, I am now considering a life in the island somewhere in the country. And write nonstop. Yes, writing is a great escape, a relieving way to get off the pressure and stress.

Now, I dreamed to live in a quiet sanctuary  free from the noise of the environment, free from the thought of  traffic and rush hour. I want to live in silence, free from rambling of the world, extravagance and pressure of social status and labels.

Walk on a beach, listen to the splashing of the waves, lay on the seashore at twilight, stroll in the park with my dog, cook meals, read good books. Go on a trip and discover things on the road. These are what my thoughts contemplating right now.

In the end, what matters most is peace of mind, I just want a life free from pressure, I just want a calmest state of my heart. And serenity of the environment. It's so draining to please the world.

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