An Open Letter to my Future Husband

Dear future husband,

Where in the heck of the universe are you hiding? Why there seems to be an endless quest to find you? But I will wait no matter how long it takes because there's you and I don't want anyone else.

They say, love comes from the most unexpected places. I wonder what place is that. I wish I know it. Ah, intersection of life.  

Some people say we don't need to find love. We should not wasting our time and energy finding love.

Love will find us.

And I'm holding to that adage. I know one of these days, it will find me. You will find me. Somewhere along this lonely, solitary journey of mine. I know you exist and we can still be together.

There are countless reasons, perhaps, why God allow me to wait this very long. Because there’s you. The one. 

Somewhere along this journey you're there and just waiting for the right moment to meet me at the intersection of life. I am willing to wait even if it will take forever.

I can't wait to see you. It would be a wonderful moment, a special event to celebrate by then and I hope you'll recognize me when we see eye to eye. I hope you will see my value and worth when time calls it right.

I often think how we would begin the day. Perhaps, spend the entire day talking, sharing things about the journey of waiting and finding us, laughing how things turn out right for us, how generous life for to allowing our path to collide.

I often wonder how you would look like. How your voice would hear like. How your eyes would sparkle. You might be someone who would look like a real gentleman. A gentle companion.

I always imagine a fulfilling life with you, with kids to nurture and a family to take care, exchanging beautiful stories that unfold in a day, sharing dreams of building a great and happy life together.

With you I can hear beautiful melodies, soft as the afternoon breeze in a cool windy road and warm as the bright morning sunshine on a summer day.

With you I am not afraid to face the world, to face my fears and to overcome my shortcomings. Thinking of you makes me chuckle and turn my world so beautiful and inspiring and fulfilling.

I know you are the other side of me, as if seeing myself in the mirror, I know we shared the same interests, the same passion, same values because that’s what true love is all about. But whether we are on the opposite side of life and our interests contradict, I know we could compliment each other. Because I meant for you and you're meant for me. Because God designed our destiny, our future together.

I could imagine how beautiful life is when shared with you. How terrific moments when I'm with you. Maybe we could laugh at the corniest jokes and weirdest stories. Maybe we could share breakfast outdoors each weekend and do grocery together afterwards. Or embark into a long road trip together. I hope you like road trips too and adventure somewhere else.

I am very grateful I did not settle with somebody else before and wait for you instead. Because I know you will come at my doorstep. I cannot wait for the day to finally meet you, and hold your arm, and pat your back towards the end of a tiring day.  I am looking forward to be with you going to a trip, spending precious moments walking along the beach, or near the lake and mountain, then wait for the sunrise or sunset. And have a long conversation.

Meeting you will be the most precious day of my life. Perhaps, I can finally face my fears, crossing a busy street, climbing a mountain or a tall building, taking on a zip line. I don’t have to worry because you’re there and I am confident you will hold my hand.

But until then, until that beautiful moment when we could finally touch each other's hand and recognize each other's presence, I will patiently wait for you. In God's perfect time.

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