20 Things I Wish People Would Know About Me Being An INTJ Person

When I was still a kid, people would often comment I was sensitive because I easily cried. I was prone to emotional wailing and took criticism as an attack to my whole being. When I became of age, I sought answers to my behavior and sensitivity. I would read several self-developmental books and behaviorial journals. And after some soul-searching, I discovered I am an introvert thinker.

My personality is a product of my environment and the way I brought up. I grew up in a loving home with extra protective parents. We lived in a small seaside town in Surigao with nothing between us but ocean and mountains. I would spend every afternoon in the beachside dreaming what's life beyond the sea. It thoroughly developed my imaginativenes.

With my brother and cousin frolicking in the seaside of our hometown

I didn't have much friends while growing up. My young world just evolved around my family and relatives. Saturday mornings were often spent in the beach because my father loved the sight of the ocean while taking breakfast.

I grew up in a household without a television, my father detested it so I would spend my weekends studying and reading books. Or at the seaside with my siblings chasing waves. It was a normal childhood, a happy one, but very exclusive. I only had one best friend in elementary, my second cousin who was also my classmate.

I attended high school with only 30 students in the class. I remember being terribly shy, that even looking at my classmates gave me a chill in the spine. I grew up very secretive with my emotions and considered being alone as a comfort.

When I attended college, my parents sent me to a University in Davao, and sternly reminded me to never join people with unconventional behavior. So I avoided boys. And girls who were liberated. I spent my entire college life wrapped up with myself without any close friends.

I thoroughly developed an inferiority complex and hated being in a large group. I also became scared of men. I didn't have any guy friends in my entire college life. So when I graduated from college, I chose to work in a Catholic University, the only environment I felt comfortable with. For the most part of my life, I never experienced being surrounded with too many people.

But despite being in my comfort zone, I soon realized that things should not always be that way. I need to connect with my environment. I need to grow as a person, I need to meet people, I need to experience life in a more complex surrounding. So I decided to relocate in Manila and join the corporate world to see what's life beyond the private schools and conservative environment.

The transition was a bit difficult at first. BPO company is highly diversified and has a liberated, unconventional culture. I came from a private school with a very conservative orientation where employees are expected to be well-mannered and God-fearing. In BPO, the manner of conversation among peers seems off and sometimes nonsense compared to what I used to in the academe. But somehow, I was able to adjust.

In my life, I am often misjudged as a terrific snob who refused to mingle with acquaintances, people saw me as someone who is hard to approach, uncompromising and territorial. Unknown to them, I struggled with social anxiety.

But I am a personal growth junkie who constantly seek meaning to my existence. And how I should understand the people around me. Then I figured, in order to understand my environment, I need to understand myself first and work out my insecurities.

I landed at Myers and Briggs, a popular personality development organization which presents the 16 personality types of a person's behavior. And how to understand each type.

I also took the test and discovered I am an INTJ The Mastermind personality type. INTJ stands for Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging, a personality type that often viewed as strange, shy and aloof.

Take the test to find out your personality type. Click the link at the end of this article.

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An INTJ person is quiet, reserved, comfortable being alone, likes to work at his or her own pace, does not like to be surrounded with people when at work, a thinker, imaginative, creative, organized, strategic, disciplined, makes decisions based on logic.

So here are the things I wish people knew about me as an INTJ type:

1. I am spontaneous. Unlike other girls, I hate delays and never spend a great deal of time looking for a dress or shoes in the department store. Checking sizes and items longer than 15 minutes bores me too death.

2. I belonged to the world of long-range thinkers. I think too much, too often, even over-analyzing simple things. While everyone loves to talk in the office, my mind (although I sometimes joined in the conversation) wanders somewhere else, stacking my head with too many questions about life and what I should be doing over the weekend. I love figuring out what makes certain things worked while others not.

3. I preferred a country living than an urban living. I like nature and the breezy atmosphere of the countryside. Road trips excite me. I also love to live in a suburban house with a small garden than live in a condominium unit. The thought of living in the city all my life suffocates me.

4. I don't like to be surrounded with people when I am working. I used to work in a traditional office atmosphere where I have my own desk and away from everybody. In the company I am currently with, the office setup is totally different. It's a collaborative environment where everyone is sitting side by side without any privacy. It drained me at first and wished no one would disturb me while working. It was a massive adjustment. And still surprises me now that I have survived. But it's not going to be like this forever. The routine drains my energy.

5. I am easily irritated with repetitions. I am a great listener, taking every detail seriously. So I find it annoying if an instruction to complete the task is repeated to me more than once. I also expected people to take responsibility by being serious with their job,  absorbing details by heart. So when they keep on asking questions, like on a regular basis, it comes as a huge irritation because I felt we are not learning. Repeating things over and over again pisses me off.

6. Large group drains my energy. I always hate being in the crowd. I prefer being alone or just in a small group. One on one setting is a lot comforting to me than being in an open forum with a big crowd.

7. I love long conversation with the people I am comfortable talking with. I like long conversation but only to the people I am comfortable with. Only on rare occasions that I got along with someone because I don't like people who are boring, corny, dull-witted and rude.

8. I grew up scared of men. Because of my very protective upbringing, I grew up distant and aloof. In college I have only one friend, a female classmate and none from the boys. I detested people who would refer me to a guy, it's down right disgusting. So I avoided them at all cost. I have no guy friends until recently so obviously I haven't tried being on a romantic date and that's fine. But I've realized that I should make some adjustment in dealing with men. So I have some of my strict principles thawed down. And finally broke barriers by talking to boys. But I still find it uneasy being them around. So I stick only to one person whom I constantly have a good conversation.

9. I am self-reliant and comfortable working alone. Strange as it is, especially in a highly collaborative environment like in my current job, I still prefer an atmosphere of silence in the workplace and when I am quiet, I wish people in my surroundings would respect that because I want some privacy of my thoughts. Not that I am angry towards someone or something. I just don't also like being asked why I am silent. I don't think I owe someone an explanation.

10. I love to spend time alone at home. Friday night excites me because at last I can be home on weekends and alone. I love being alone doing things on my own. It allows myself to indulge on my two passions: cooking and writing.

11. My head is always stuck with too many ideas. Plot. Stories. Narratives. When I was still in my high school, my teachers told me I should take a career related to theater and writing because I have a highly imaginative nature. Now, I am more attached with my creative nature. Each day, my mind is busy crafting stories and narratives for my blogs or books, I become impatient when being asked to do extra-curricular tasks I am less interested.

12. I seek meaning in all I do.  Boredom starts to engulf my system when I could no longer understand what is going on in my routine. If it's no longer serving the purpose why I'm doing it and why I'm there, weariness starts to take over and I feel de-motivated. And when it happens, it's better to leave and seek meaning of my life somewhere.

13. It is hard for me to work on something I don't like. Part of my "thinking" character is my rough side of being stubborn. Like what I've said, I seek meaning in all I do, but if I couldn't find meaning and purpose on a certain task why I'm doing it, you can never force me to work on it even if it's part of my passion like writing. My mind would then revolt "why I should do it? It doesn't make sense in my life and routine, just a waste of time".

14. My idea of fun is embarking on a long road trip away from the crowd. Despite being categorized as an introvert, I love the outdoor life. I love to travel, I love to discover what's on the environment. I like capturing moments in the surroundings. Traveling gives me freedom and writing down the experience gives me satisfaction in life.

15. I am drivingly ambitious and like to put things in order . I always set my eyes on priorities and refuse to move to the next while the other one is not realize. Due to my longing to avoid a messy life, I developed an obsession to do things according to priority.  I even have a notebook to check where I stand in my priorities. While in my early years of employment, I wrote these specific priorities: Get a master's degree, travel abroad for leisure, venture into the corporate world (that time I was working in school), publish a book, build a house, get married. When you see my life now, you will notice that I make decisions based on my priorities and each has been ticked except house and, uhmm, marriage. I am currently eyeing to have a house this year.

16. My ultimate goals:  Teach in college, establish myself as a travel blogger and become a full-fledged novelist. To become a college professor has been one of my plans when I took up masters.  It suits my passion to impart learning to future professionals. Writing is a perfect profession for introverts who hate being surrounded with people. I hate being dictated what to do. I want to work at my own pace and time. Blogging and writing novels allow me to work on my own without deadlines and pressure from managers. I don't see myself thrive in a corporate ladder. It will kill my passion towards life.

17. I am detached from acquaintances who didn't share my interest. But I value friendships and totally loyal to the fewest who made up my little world.

18. I am very focus and extremely loyal. When I set my eyes on a certain goal or on a specific friendship, no roadblocks can ever make me sway away from it.

19. I am a compulsive dreamer. I love to dream what lies ahead each moment of the day. I love to visualize my future in a happy home with a family. I love to plan things ahead and draft it into a life story.

20. I am always hungry of learning. Each day, I always make sure I learned something new. When I am not blogging or writing manuscripts, I am reading self-developmental or biographical books or reading useful information online. Back when I was still working in school, I used to borrow European history books to read over the weekend. My fascination towards knowledge became my guide to write two nonfiction books: Tales of Royal Tragedies and The Quiz Master. I don't spend time on things that make my day useless and unproductive like watching television other than news, sports and documentaries.

Based on my personality indicator,  I would excel more and become productive in the fields of writing, research, enterprenship, arts and humanities. Writer, editor, professor, researcher and entrepreneur are the jobs that best fit me in. That's why I already feel boredom in my current regular job, it's never in my system. And it's useless to go on. I'll have to get out and seek meaning in my life.


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