Synopsis of The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy

Here's the synopsis of The Red star Tattoo Conspiracy:

The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy explores the treachery of a secret organization of the elites called “The Golden Templars Society”, and their dark schemes to secure glory, power and wealth. The group targets an interesting subject, Bea De Leal, a 25-year-old magazine editor who has an intriguing past. And  a red star tattoo that alarms the powerful Elders of the society.

The Golden Templars Society, headed by a mysterious grand master from Europe, hunts Bea since she was a child. And the hunt is headed by the dangerous Priestess. Who remains unknown to many.

Aware of the danger that surrounds her, and to elude the society’s deadly squad, the golden knights assassins, Bea moves from one place to another. Until she settles in Portland, Maine, and marries a descendant of an aristocrat, Edward Gladstone. Soon, Bea realizes that her marriage pushes her more to the center of the society’s treacherous game.

In the summer of 2010, her nightmare commences. She wakes up  to find herself confined in a mental asylum. Her memory deteriorates and cannot completely recall the circumstances of her confinement. To make things more confusing, she has another name, Madeleine Sternwood.

She believes someone from her circle conspires with the asylum authority to hide her there. She also convinces herself that something is not right with her medication. After her harrowing escape from the asylum, her memory gushes back. She travels back to Portland but while on the road with her friend, Louise, the society’s assassins trace her again.

Racing with the death squad, Bea realizes that the only person who can provide her protection is Lady Julia Burke, a wealthy widow of an English nobleman whose personality remains mysterious and intriguing. 

She arrives at Lady Burke’s home but surprise to see another guest at the aristocrat's home. A man. Soon, suspicion rises on her mind. The man manifesting some actions that he might be the grand master of the secretive society. And Lady Burke might be the dangerous Priestess.

Bea realizes then that the greatest obstacle in her quest to unmask the real identity of her enemies is not her blurry memory but the mystery behind the red star tattoo in her shoulder. Something she needs to uncover to figure out why this shadowy club of the elites expresses interest to get her alive.

Bea manages to call her sister-in-law, Isabella Anderson, to fetch her at Burke’s home. After a commotion at the viscountess’s home, Isabella’s mother, Mary Gladstone, arrives instead, taking Bea out of Cape Elizabeth. There, a frightening truth is waiting to be revealed.

And as the misty early dawn of July is breaking off the skyline of Portland, Bea thrusts herself thoroughly into the nucleus of the Golden Templars Society’s betrayal. This suspicion proves right when the society’s assassins finally capture her. They travel to the secret lodge in a remote village, delivering her to the grand master.

But while performing the grand ceremony to slaughter her, one of the participants makes a scene, distracting the ceremony. He takes Bea out of the cellar and escape. And together, elude the society’s agents.

While escaping, Bea expresses doubt over the man's motive to save her. He seems to be secretly working with the highest authority of the Golden Templars Society. And appears to be just rescuing her to be delivered to another Elder. She makes up her mind to escape.

Can she finally evade the shadowy group this time and uncover the real identity of her enemies?

Brace on for more thrill and explosive revelations as Bea De Leal-Gladstone continues to fight for her survival, resisting the chase of the powerful organization, and searching the whereabouts of her husband whom she believes is still alive and living somewhere.

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