Green Fit: 100% Natural Wellness Beverage

Staying fit and healthy. This seems to be our ultimate goal in life. Who would not want to wake up each day with a physically-fit body and a sound health? Scrap all those worries about acquiring ideal vital statistics. There's more important than having a 23-waist-line.

Excellent health. And we should invest more on this than on gadgets, bags and shoes. However, the story sometimes never ends the way we wanted it to be. So many hindrances creeping along the way. We become so abusive with our health.

Unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking alcohol, late night parties, expose to environmental pollution, excessive use of electronic gadgets etc), bad eating habits (fast food chains dish us with so many unhealthy stuff), lazy daily routine. And work! Yes, that monumental excuse of not taking exercise because of work.

So what would be the outcome? Unrealized fitness goal. Excess body fats. Bulging tummy. Poor health conditions.

Personally, I don't follow any specific diet plan. But I am closely practicing the Mediterranean Diet for 10 years now. Not to trim down obsessively but to guard my health.  This diet plan has high concentration on plant-based food and fish.

A Mediterranean Diet consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, good fats and fish rich in Omega 3, replacing seasoning and salt with herbs and spices, butter and unsaturated fats with olive oil and canola oil, red meat with salmon, mackerel and tuna, white rice with black rice. Click here for my MEDITERRANEAN DIET.

I am satisfied with my Mediterranean style of eating. I haven't diagnosed with any terrible diseases in the past and haven't suffered any chronic illnesses that require to see a physician. Thank God!

I have been following a healthy lifestyle ever since. I rarely dine in a fast food chain. I am not into alcoholic drinks, not even beer, have not tried drinking any distilled drinks in my life. The only alcoholic beverage I tried is wine but just below 5% of alcohol. And only twice a year, during Christmas and New Year. Ten years ago, I stopped drinking soft drinks. I rarely eat meat, even chicken. I rarely eat chocolates. You would think I am living a life of a monk with my eating habit. But no. Sometimes I have a cheat day on weekends haha!

However lately, after having my annual physical exam, though my blood cholesterol is within normal, my blood sugar seems approaching the red line, meaning I'm closely hitting the limit of 100 mark! I was not told to put on a strict diet of no sugar and carbohydrates though, but I was advised by the doctor to control my carbs intake. So I became serious again with my Mediterranean Diet 😄 But I think this habit is not good enough to stay healthy.

I feel I am constipated everyday. Some heavy feeling is swelling deep inside, as though tons of waste are clogging the wall of my large intestine (the catalyst of colorectal cancer. God forbids!). And my digestive tract seems not functioning well. It affects my mood. I easily become irritated with so many nuisances in my surroundings. 

My swelling belly adds to my annoyance. I hate the fact that I could no longer wear my favorite pants due to my bulging tummy, and yes, the waistline thing! So I thought, some drastic move needs to be done to get back on my shape. I made a research with the perfect beverage that could get rid of the waste out of my body. And came up with this product.


This is a fruit-flavored beverage with superb healthy ingredients. Wheat grass, the superfood Spirulina, oats, alfalfa and oliggosaccarides are some of the best nutritional components of this amazing wellness drink. According to its website, Green Fit nourishes, cleanses and revitalizes the body with its highly nutritional and antioxidants properties. Rich in enzymes and amino acids, this healthy beverage boosts the immune system and metabolism. It helps protect the body from chronic illnesses and viral infection.

A glass of Green Fit. 
Excellent source of dietary fibers, renewal of the skin and has a detoxifying agent

According to its product descriptions, Green Fit contains the following:

1. Palm fiber - rich in lignin, an organic substance that is high in dietary fibers and useful in getting rid of the toxin out of the body.

2. Fructo-oliggasaccharides - an excellent source of probiotics that helps promote good bacteria in the large intestine. A daily dose of Fructo-oliggasaccharides protects us from acquiring colon cancer. It is the number one defense of the human body against bad bacteria.

3. Psyllium - Who is not familiar with Psyllium? We often read this stuff in the dietary fiber supplements. Psyllium is very rich in soluble fiber that promotes good digestion. It removes toxin out of the body.

4. Apple Powder - also known as apple pectin, this substance is an excellent source of water soluble fiber. It has a gel forming effect when mix with water. 

5. Spirulina - Remember all those superfoods that we need to consume to stay young and healthy. And yes, maintain supple skin and healthy immune system? Spirulina is considered as the healthiest food in the world rich in beta-carotene and phytonutrients. And the highest source of Vitamin B12. 

6. Wheatgrass - It is also known as the healing agent,  Wheat grass has excellent detoxifying properties that cleanse digestive tract and intestinal wall. It promotes renewal of the body cells and helps restore vitality.

7.Alfalfa Chlorophyll - It has an anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and wound-healing properties. It also helps remove toxins from the bones, blood tissues and intestines. 

8. Aloe Vera - Has a natural healing and detoxifying agent that cleanses internal organs. Aloe Vera can also ease constipation and prevents diarrhea. 

When I started taking this beverage two days ago, I immediately felt the difference. More light and comfortable. No more bloating and constipation. I like the fact that I can move around without the heavy feel around my tummy. I could feel the lightness of my abdomen. As though all the stored waste has been removed thoroughly.

Excellent taste! And it tastes more like a fruit smoothie than a juice drink

Here's how to prepare:

1. Empty one sachet in a 250ml glass.
2. Mix it with cold water.
3. Stir well until the powder is thoroughly  dissolved.

Take it two hours after dinner or shortly before bed time to allow the ingredients to work on your system. After waking up drink one glass of water. Later, you'll feel the urge of going to the comfort room.

Trust me, the taste is great! Very refreshing. There's a spike of an orange taste even though the color is entire green. It tastes more like a fruit smoothie than a juice drink. 

This is excellent for people who have problems in digestion. Who feels like constipated all the time. Those who have swelling tummy. Those who want to detoxify after eating unhealthy food, and drinking alcoholic beverages. And those who want to stay physically fit and healthy. 

Each sachet costs Php33.00

Give it a shot! A glass of Green Fit everyday gives you a daily dose of fibers and all the components of a superfood! Available in Mercury drug stores.

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