The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy: The Lost Memory

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Here's part of the first chapter:

Someone had just been put to death. She was certain.
She held her breath, keeping her eyes fixed on the shadow of a hulking man, now striding closer to the pile of bricks where she was hiding. Wagging his sword as he moved, the shrill of the blade scraping through rocks made the quiet night even scarier.
A frosty wind whipped through her skin. She could feel the awful evening growing colder now. And she shuddered. Not on the chilly atmosphere, but on the creepy silhouette of the man snaking closer to the bricks.
Looking for an escape route, she squinted through the shrubs. The far end of the backyard gaped open toward the perilous riverbank. It was dangerous beyond the creek. The deep water gushed angrily to the open brook. And she could not swim. But she had no other option.
Overhead, the fading moonlight caught the shadow of a crow leaping across the branches of oak trees. But it soon disappeared toward the gloomy woodlands. As the night crow flew off, the fluttering of the leaves shattered the silence of the night, distracting the attention of the man.
It was the exact moment she waited. As the man gaped upward, she quickly lurched, staggered to the sprawling end of the backyard and hovered toward the steel hedges.
But before she could clamber on the grills, someone caught her shoulder. She quivered and remained motionless. And as her body trembled in terror, she heard the hulking man hissed at her back. The sharp edge of the sword now touching her neck.
Or so she thought....

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