The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy: The Lost Memory

This book comes in series and will be published in trilogy. The first part of the series: The Lost Memory is now available for purchase. Just follow the links at the end of this article how to place an order.

Some of the names of the characters found in this book are real names of the members of the Ateneo Lady Eagles women's volleyball team, my favorite collegiate volleyball team in the University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP).

Thank you #HeartStrong team!

And to my favorite middle blocker, Bea De Leon, for the use of her complete name, Isabel Beatriz.

Synopsis of Part I of the book: The Lost Memory

A woman known only as Madeleine Sternwood is confined in a mental asylum remote from the world. Her psychiatrist insists she killed her husband. Then went mad. As her memory deteriorates, Madeleine has trouble recalling her identity. She develops a suspicion that someone in the asylum is up on destroying her brain. 

While trying her best to recover her lost memory, scenes of murder appear in her dream. She wonders if it happens in real life or purely a bad dream. She also wonders if it has something to do with her troubling situation in the asylum.In her quest to recover her memory, she notices an unidentified woman paying her a secret visit. But before she could see the woman again, two unidentified men forcibly take her out of the facility. But she manages to slip. 

After her harrowing escape, her memory gushes back. And discover that her real name is not Madeleine Sternwood. Now, the real horror of unmasking the identity of her secret enemies commences. Who is Madeleine Sternwood? What's the truth behind her identity? What's her real connection to the dangerous organization called The Golden Templars Society? Is she a victim? Or someone who plays an important role in the shadowy group.

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