Answering Random Questions

I'm walking at the crossroad of everything again. As though I'm turning back in time.

I've no right to complain about life though, Maybe somewhere there's something I need to understand about the world's complexities. That's why things kept repeating itself. Maybe I need to embrace the oddness of my destiny, no matter how unthinkable it is, to see where my life is heading. And whether I am already emotionally prepared to undergo such harshness.

So while contemplating how to get rid of all the "oddness" in life I need to divert my focus. Answering random questions is always  a perfect "diversion".

Random Questions, here we go again! (source of some questions: Rantapallo)

1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
Stuck in front of my computer. Editing my books.

2. Who are you in love with?
Better not to talk to. Sometimes I can really be silly, so better not answer this question. My emotion is so fragile at the moment.

3. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
Can't remember. Maybe during my grade school years. Kids did crazy stuff during elementary days, including eating crayons or digging worms in the backyard.

4. When was the last time you went to the mall?
Just this afternoon. I bought Collagen tablets 

5. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
Nope. But I wish to. I love movies. I love going out to the cinema. 

6. Are you hot?
Naks! Literally, I'm hot. Because the weather is extremely hot and punishing now. What's with those 40 degrees? Shocks!

7. What's your favorite comfort food, You can list as many as you would like
a. Japanese food!
b. Anything creamy and cheesy!
c. Caesar salad
d. Cheesecake
e. Grilled salmon
f. Asparagus and Tofu in Olive Oil
g. Seafood
h. Croissant

8. Your dream vacation getaways?
Japan at Springtime. Autumn anywhere in the New England region (Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont), Switzerland, Italy, Scotland. Mustique, Greek Islands. I want to see the Northern Lights in Finland too!

9. What do you prefer to do on a date?
Walk on a beach at sunset. I like long conversation over food too. And lots of laughter. Or take a road trip in the countryside because I like nature.

10. Are you currently on a date?
Oh, how I wish. But life is so unfair 😢

11. Who you want to be with?
Someone whom I feel comfortable with and who can compliment my personality. A good conversationalist, a smart guy with a terrific sense of humor. I like men who are humorous, who can crack jokes without being stupid. Someone who can really make me laugh to the bones, who listens to my stories. Someone who can accept the real me and understand the core of my being. 

12. Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes. I don't want to elaborate. 

13. What makes you excited everyday.
The idea of living beautifully. The notion of a wonderful life ahead. The conversation with smart people.

14. Describe yourself in one paragraph.
I love food and travel. That summarizes everything. I'm hard to please. But when someone hits that spot (how to please me), I'm weak in the knees. You know, I can easily yield. I have a very tight circle of friends, so each moment I spend with them is really precious. I never dated anyone. I've never been into a relationship before (oh God this is terrible). I've this uneasy feeling towards men. But when I get to know a guy who can compliment me and listen to my stories, It changes everything. I'll stick with him, engage in a long conversation and God knows what else. It rarely happens. And when it happens, I know it's the right time. I'm very transparent, you can easily tell if I'm comfortable or not, or if I'm enjoying the conversation or not. 

15. Do you collect anything?
Yeah. Books.

16. Tell us your collection.
Biographical, self-developmental and royal books. Steve Jobs biography, Diana, Princess of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II, Philippa Gregory books. Loving Each Other by Dr. Leo Buscaglia, IQ quiz books, War of Britain.

17. Pizza or Cheesecake?
Cheesecake! I like creamy food

18. Do you like hot sauce?

19. Favorite beverage?
Green Tea with honey 

20. Favorite jewelry?
Earrings and watch

21. The last time you cried?
Just this evening

22. Why?
I just want to cry. About my life. About everything.

23. Who is the last person you spent time laughing and really made you smile?
Is this question has something to do with tears? Haha! Yeah. In the workplace. 😂😜

24. How do you feel about your life right now.
Half-bothered. Half-anxious

25. Are you currently sad about something?
Yes. But I just reminded myself that in life, we can't have both.

26. Do you often pray?
Yes. I regularly talk to God each moment of the day. Prayer is the only solace I could have in this world. I've a well-established relationship with God. I believe that things happen for a reason because He wants to bring us to where we should be.

27. Any song that can really make you cry?
One of these days by Barry Manilow. There's something in the lyrics and melody that makes me very sentimental. "One of these days, one of these very ordinary days you gonna call my name and I won't be there". Sad lyrics isn't it? 

28. Who is the last person who said you were sexy?
I haven't heard someone gave me such compliment. Sad to say. Because, uhmm, I am not really sexy. At least people I met are honest haha!

29. Do you want your ex boyfriend to be happy with someone else?
I've no boyfriend ever since. I have not dated anyone in my life. I'm still waiting for God to send me His special gift lol! 😂

30. Do your feelings get hurt easily.
Yes. I've a very flimsy feeling

31. Are you afraid of falling in love?
No. Why should I? That's something I look forward to.

32. What's your mantra now?
Work. Save. Travel. Eat. Repeat 😁

33. Would you share stories about your life to people?
Only to someone I trust. I've friends. I can easily suit up to different types of people but I only open up to a person who has the same wavelength with me. Whom I feel comfortable talking with.

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